What’s is Link Crew and being a Link Leader mean?


photo taken by Karla Alarcon

What does being a Link Leader mean? To answer this question I interviewed one of my Link Leaders, Lucia Calatayud this year, since I’m a freshman. Being a link leader at Highland means an upperclassmen – juniors or seniors – mentor freshmen on their first year of high school, and getting around.

I asked Lucia what does being a Link Leader mean to her? She answered with, “I really like the people in it and and the really positive environment and everyone seeks a common goal. We are encouraging, happy, silly and most groups aren’t like that. Being a junior or senior means you don’t get a lot of classes with freshman or interact or be one on one with them or know them.”

Next, I asked her what made her what to become a Link Leader? She answered with, “Other Link Leaders encourage me. The tryouts were good. You could tell it was going to be a good year and a good group.”

Then, I asked her how has being a Link Leader impacted her in her life? She answered with, “It made me more outgoing in a way willing to put myself out there. Normally I’m shy, now I’m more outgoing and know more people now.”

Last, I asked what’s her favorite thing about being in Link Crew? She answered with, “The people. The activities because they’re childish and fun and relate to real life situations in a way. It opens up your eyes more. The environment and you always have a good time there.”

My opinion is Link Leaders are such a big help during freshman year. Because you’re new and you’re still trying to find a way to get around and see new faces everywhere you go. My Link Leaders were such a big help. They have encouraged me to be a Link Leader in my junior year, which I’m truly looking forward to. I think everyone should try it at least once during their high school experience. It’s a great way to know new people and help incoming freshmen to show them around just like your Link Leaders helped you.

Rent a senior day


photo taken by Karla Alarcon

What’s rent a senior day?

Rent a senior day is when any underclass student such as juniors, sophomores, or freshman rent a senior for the whole day.

What happens during this day is the senior may do anything you ask, but it has to be reasonable and they have to be okay with it. Like, for example, carrying your backpack, or bringing you food before school, or even dressing up with a silly costume.

The reason we do this is because we get to spend a whole day with a friend or a sister or brother who’s a senior and is almost leaving school and heading to college.

I think it’s a great thing because you get to talk to someone maybe you haven’t talked to in a long time, or you’re going to miss them, and they get to see what you do during the day. Also, it’s a great way to get to know people, like maybe your link leaders and all.

That’s what renting a senior is all about.

Selling raffle tickets for Vans concert


image by Wendy Vo

At Highland Park Senior High, for the following 2 weeks, students from the school newspaper class are going to be selling raffle tickets for a chance to win 2 Vans Warped Tour concert tickets. The festival will take place in Shakopee, MN, on July 24th. Tickets will be available during both A and B lunch, for $2 each. They can also be purchased in Ms. Lingofelt’s room, 2205.

This is a great way for the newspaper students to build team work while also being a fun activity. This will help raise money for the newspaper  so they can possibly print copies in the future. This is also a rare opportunity because the class doesn’t always get access to tickets, so this is a great thing.

Please help with the newspaper’s fundraising effort! Buy a raffle ticket today!

Mystery positive notes in the girls school bathroom?

Today I’m looking into a mystery that’s been going on this past week at Highland Park Senior High.

April 12th, 2016 some mysterious student(s) decide to put sticky notes, with positive messages written on them, up in the girls bathroom. But, they decide, the next day, to take them off. This left people with questions about who this person, or people, is/are and why are they doing this.


photo courtesy of Olivia Verdeja

Being one of the individuals that was left with questions, I decide to take it into my own hands and try to find out more about this mystery.

It turns out, random students (girls) are the ones putting up the sticky notes. During the school year, they decide to wrote positive Post-it notes to make other girls feel better when they were feeling down. They put them around the school bathrooms to remind them they were not alone. Usually, the people who do this sort of thing don’t take credit for it. It’s like they want it to be a mystery, and students have been doing this for a while now, according to some older students at Highland Park.

I decide to ask a student about what they tought about this. Her name is Olivia Verdeja, a freshman at HPSH.

I asked was, “How did you personally feel when you saw this notes around the bathroom what we’re you’re toughts and reaction?”

She responded with, “I liked it and thought it as cool because in high school a lot of people don’t have self confidence and I think if girls see this it means that other girls feel the same way and aren’t alone.”

My opinion is that people at Highland should start to do this more often, as just one little thing can make a difference in others’ lives; both those who are struggling, and those who aren’t. Also, kids need to know that everyone cares and they’re not the only ones who feel like they do. Working together as a whole school coming together is a great thing.

Highland’s badminton team

One of the spring sports at Highland Park Senior High is badminton.

First, off here are some things to know about practice and how it works. The players in badminton practice from 2:20-4:00 pm. They set up the nets and do some warm ups. Warm ups include: running back and forth (in many ways), 50 crutches, planks, and stretches.

Now, about how games work. First, they wait for the other school to show up, if it’s a home game. After both teams practice for awhile, getting themselves ready to play against each other, they then line up in ranks depending on which team there on.

Lastly, after the game players usually play with other members just to relax after a long game.

Fact: Highland Senior High School started the season right by beating Pairie Seeds Academy winning 7-0 on their first game, which was a home game.

Should St. Paul schools be uniform wearing schools?

Should St. Paul schools be uniform wearing schools? If so why or why not?

Today I went and interviewed some of my fellow classmates during school about this topic, asking them different questions.

The first person I interviewed was Junior Bonfil.IMG_0280

My first question was, “Should students in St. Paul wear uniforms?”
He answered with “No, they shouldn’t.”

My second question I asked him was, “Why shouldn’t they have to wear uniforms?”
Junior said, “Because people don’t have to wear them and it’s like you’re not free when you wear them, it’s like you’re stuck following people.”

One of my other questions was, “How do you personally feel about this topic?”
He answered with, “Not good to have them, they don’t represent us the students.”

My last and final question was, “How do you think school uniforms affect other students?”
He answered with this particular answer, “Uncomfortable because it doesn’t bring the sparkle in us.”

The second person I interviewed was Zuani Marilyn Venture.IMG_0279

I asked her if students in St. Paul should wear uniforms and she said no.

My next question was, “Why shouldn’t they?”
She answered, “People should wear whatever they want.”

My third question was, “How do they feel about this topic personally?”
Zuani answered with one word “Disturbing.”

My last question was, “How would it affect students?”
She said, “They wouldn’t feel that they can express who they are. They would just look like everyone else.”


My opinion personally is that students should not have to wear uniforms because dressing how you want is apart of being unique and one of a kind. People need to be heard and seen how they want, and wearing uniforms would make them alike and as they say “an original is better than a copy.”

Pep fest

What is pep fest ?

Pet fest is an event in high school were all the grades (9,10,11,12) come along to celebrate the activities and sports students have participated in during the fall, winter, or spring season depending the time of year. What happens at this event is that the captains of the sports, or clubs, come up front and speak about each of their groups and encourage kids to join them later on.

After that, what usually happens is that the sports that just finished their season goes and presents some type of dance or routine.

What pep fest is really about is that kids get to have fun and look and what’s been happening in school, and it encourages them to try out for those sports or clubs.

In order to find out about how people feel about the pep fest, I decide to go and interview some people at Highland Park Senior High.
IMG_0278This is what one of the freshman cheerleaders, Sophia Vasquez, said when I asked how did she think pep fest went? She responded “good.”

After that, I asked how did she feel about being a part of pep fest? She said, “I didn’t really think about it until that day. I got really nervous and then after a while into the dance it felt natural.”

The next question I asked was what did you think stood out the most in all of the performances? She responded, “The cheer performance of course especially when Vanessa got thrown in the air that was really cool.”

My last question was what did you think pep fest is really about? She answered, “It’s about making more people exited about this activities,” and as she said to “pep them up.”

IMG_0277The second person I interviewed was Sophie Cocchiarella.

The first question I asked was what did you think of pep fest? She responded, “It was fun and really good.”

After that I asked her how did it feel to be a part of such a big event like the pep fest? She responded saying, “She felt very nervous about it because there were so many people around watching but exited at the same time.”

Next I asked what did she think stood out the most from all the performances?

She said, “I felt like it was the gymnastics team and skiing team because they don’t usually do those things they did in the pep fest.”

Then there’s me. What I thought of pep fest was that it was one of the most amazing memories that I’ll have from this year.

Who did I think stood out the most you ask? I honestly think it was the gymnastics girls because they don’t usually go and perform in front of the entire school, only on this occasion.

Last, what did I think pep fest is really about? It’s about people getting together to watch their friends who are in sports and support them. Also, to make friends, enjoy the show, and make them want to join those teams, clubs, etc.