Should St. Paul schools be uniform wearing schools?

Should St. Paul schools be uniform wearing schools? If so why or why not?

Today I went and interviewed some of my fellow classmates during school about this topic, asking them different questions.

The first person I interviewed was Junior Bonfil.IMG_0280

My first question was, “Should students in St. Paul wear uniforms?”
He answered with “No, they shouldn’t.”

My second question I asked him was, “Why shouldn’t they have to wear uniforms?”
Junior said, “Because people don’t have to wear them and it’s like you’re not free when you wear them, it’s like you’re stuck following people.”

One of my other questions was, “How do you personally feel about this topic?”
He answered with, “Not good to have them, they don’t represent us the students.”

My last and final question was, “How do you think school uniforms affect other students?”
He answered with this particular answer, “Uncomfortable because it doesn’t bring the sparkle in us.”

The second person I interviewed was Zuani Marilyn Venture.IMG_0279

I asked her if students in St. Paul should wear uniforms and she said no.

My next question was, “Why shouldn’t they?”
She answered, “People should wear whatever they want.”

My third question was, “How do they feel about this topic personally?”
Zuani answered with one word “Disturbing.”

My last question was, “How would it affect students?”
She said, “They wouldn’t feel that they can express who they are. They would just look like everyone else.”


My opinion personally is that students should not have to wear uniforms because dressing how you want is apart of being unique and one of a kind. People need to be heard and seen how they want, and wearing uniforms would make them alike and as they say “an original is better than a copy.”

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