Pep fest

What is pep fest ?

Pet fest is an event in high school were all the grades (9,10,11,12) come along to celebrate the activities and sports students have participated in during the fall, winter, or spring season depending the time of year. What happens at this event is that the captains of the sports, or clubs, come up front and speak about each of their groups and encourage kids to join them later on.

After that, what usually happens is that the sports that just finished their season goes and presents some type of dance or routine.

What pep fest is really about is that kids get to have fun and look and what’s been happening in school, and it encourages them to try out for those sports or clubs.

In order to find out about how people feel about the pep fest, I decide to go and interview some people at Highland Park Senior High.
IMG_0278This is what one of the freshman cheerleaders, Sophia Vasquez, said when I asked how did she think pep fest went? She responded “good.”

After that, I asked how did she feel about being a part of pep fest? She said, “I didn’t really think about it until that day. I got really nervous and then after a while into the dance it felt natural.”

The next question I asked was what did you think stood out the most in all of the performances? She responded, “The cheer performance of course especially when Vanessa got thrown in the air that was really cool.”

My last question was what did you think pep fest is really about? She answered, “It’s about making more people exited about this activities,” and as she said to “pep them up.”

IMG_0277The second person I interviewed was Sophie Cocchiarella.

The first question I asked was what did you think of pep fest? She responded, “It was fun and really good.”

After that I asked her how did it feel to be a part of such a big event like the pep fest? She responded saying, “She felt very nervous about it because there were so many people around watching but exited at the same time.”

Next I asked what did she think stood out the most from all the performances?

She said, “I felt like it was the gymnastics team and skiing team because they don’t usually do those things they did in the pep fest.”

Then there’s me. What I thought of pep fest was that it was one of the most amazing memories that I’ll have from this year.

Who did I think stood out the most you ask? I honestly think it was the gymnastics girls because they don’t usually go and perform in front of the entire school, only on this occasion.

Last, what did I think pep fest is really about? It’s about people getting together to watch their friends who are in sports and support them. Also, to make friends, enjoy the show, and make them want to join those teams, clubs, etc.

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