What’s is Link Crew and being a Link Leader mean?


photo taken by Karla Alarcon

What does being a Link Leader mean? To answer this question I interviewed one of my Link Leaders, Lucia Calatayud this year, since I’m a freshman. Being a link leader at Highland means an upperclassmen – juniors or seniors – mentor freshmen on their first year of high school, and getting around.

I asked Lucia what does being a Link Leader mean to her? She answered with, “I really like the people in it and and the really positive environment and everyone seeks a common goal. We are encouraging, happy, silly and most groups aren’t like that. Being a junior or senior means you don’t get a lot of classes with freshman or interact or be one on one with them or know them.”

Next, I asked her what made her what to become a Link Leader? She answered with, “Other Link Leaders encourage me. The tryouts were good. You could tell it was going to be a good year and a good group.”

Then, I asked her how has being a Link Leader impacted her in her life? She answered with, “It made me more outgoing in a way willing to put myself out there. Normally I’m shy, now I’m more outgoing and know more people now.”

Last, I asked what’s her favorite thing about being in Link Crew? She answered with, “The people. The activities because they’re childish and fun and relate to real life situations in a way. It opens up your eyes more. The environment and you always have a good time there.”

My opinion is Link Leaders are such a big help during freshman year. Because you’re new and you’re still trying to find a way to get around and see new faces everywhere you go. My Link Leaders were such a big help. They have encouraged me to be a Link Leader in my junior year, which I’m truly looking forward to. I think everyone should try it at least once during their high school experience. It’s a great way to know new people and help incoming freshmen to show them around just like your Link Leaders helped you.

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