Highland’s badminton team

One of the spring sports at Highland Park Senior High is badminton.

First, off here are some things to know about practice and how it works. The players in badminton practice from 2:20-4:00 pm. They set up the nets and do some warm ups. Warm ups include: running back and forth (in many ways), 50 crutches, planks, and stretches.

Now, about how games work. First, they wait for the other school to show up, if it’s a home game. After both teams practice for awhile, getting themselves ready to play against each other, they then line up in ranks depending on which team there on.

Lastly, after the game players usually play with other members just to relax after a long game.

Fact: Highland Senior High School started the season right by beating Pairie Seeds Academy winning 7-0 on their first game, which was a home game.

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