Pros and cons of living in Minnesota 

By: Domingo Basso

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Now I know what you’re thinking right now: “Man, I sure wonder what Minnesota’s pros and cons are?” Even though that’s a really weird thing to wonder about, you don’t need to wonder anymore because I’m here to answer that very odd and specific request.

So, you see, first thing first: you need to know about Minnesota’s weather. Just about any resident of this state will tell you about the weather. Why is that exactly? Well, that’s because the weather here is… something alright. Minnesota has very cold winters even reaching a peak of -60 degrees F on February 2nd, 1996 and the hottest Minnesota’s ever reached was 108 degrees F on July 14th, 1936. So, if you’re more into stable and consistent weather this can definitely be an issue.

A definite pro that Minnesota has is the Mall of America. The Mall of America is the single largest mall in the entirety of the United States of America. The Mall of America has more than 2,779,242 feet of retail space AND on top of that it also has 50 restaurants as well as an entire amusement park inside of it. It’s a huge tourist attraction that even gets more than twice the annual visitors as the world’s biggest amusement park (The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World).

Another con to Minnesota is its high tax rates. Minnesota has the 6th highest income tax rates in the country and the 2nd highest corporate income tax rate in the country with 9.8%.

Despite that, another pro to Minnesota is the low unemployment rate, even setting a record in June of 2022 with an unemployment rate of 1.8% which is monumental.

So, all in all, despite Minnesota’s glaring issues from its weather to its higher tax rates, like many other states around the country, it still has many good qualities to it as well. From its low unemployment rates to having the single largest mall in the United States it is a very viable place to stay with its many activities offered all year around. So, Minnesota might be your ideal place to stick around for a while and visit, or who knows, maybe even a great place to live.

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