Should we have class time to do homework?

By: Gabe Kleiber

I’m sure many students have wished for this on a particularly difficult day at school, but would that actually be a good thing for students learning? I asked one HPSH student what they thought, and they had this to say.

“We already have time in advisory. We have a lot of time there. I get a lot of work time there. But you have to realize that most people just go on their phones or talk during that time. If we did have time in class most people wouldn’t even use it. A lot of people do it at home because they are more focused and their friends aren’t around.”

I think this is a great point. Even if you provide people the opportunity to get their work done early, many people wouldn’t use it and would just goof off. This means that if you give them extra work time, in reality you just shorten their school day which obviously isn’t ideal.

But then again if people don’t want to do their work it is their own fault, and not a lot would change. That’s because many of the kids that wouldn’t do their work in that extra time don’t pay attention in class anyway.

In my opinion, we should have more class time for homework, but not so much that it severely impacts our in class instruction. Especially because a lot of kids have sports after school or some kind of other activity, and having too much homework on top of all of this wouldn’t be helping them at all.

For kids that don’t pay attention in class nothing would really change, but for everyone else the extra class time would be greatly appreciated, especially those of us with busy schedules after school. Even just 10 extra minutes per class would be extremely helpful.

Obviously this wouldn’t work for all classes every day, but any and all time would go a long way. I have some classes that do this already, and I feel a lot less stressed about the work in those classes.

In class homework time wouldn’t fix kids not doing work, but it would be extremely helpful for students that care about turning things in on time. So, while classes shouldn’t turn into study hall, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra homework time here and there.

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