iPhone VS Android

By: Semaj Carter & Jhari Boayla


Image take from: https://9to5google.com

So, we all know about the debate about whether iPhone or Android is better. This debate has been going on for almost a decade and I’m going to show the good qualities of Android.

Firstly, the phones have more storage and the battery life lasts a lot longer than iPhones. The newest iPhone is the iPhone 14, which has the same qualities as the iPhone 13. According to an Apple developer, “The iPhone 14 features the same A15 Bionic chip that powered the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.” This means that the iPhone 14 isn’t that different from the iPhone 13 and there was no point in making a new one except for exploiting money from people.

Android doesn’t have a lot of good features, but it does have reasonable upgrades and isn’t as expensive as an iPhone. The creators of Android did not shut off older models as soon as they released a new phone to get people to spend more money on a phone that’s practically the same as the older model, just like Apple has done, and is still allegedly doing.

The iPhone’s price is ridiculous, just like every other Apple product that they release; the price range is usually over six hundred dollars and that’s a lot for a small box.

The developers explained how there is no difference between the two phones and therefore there was no point in an upgrade. Most ‘Android’ products get an upgrade with different features, but the developers are having trouble with the camera quality.

Although there are a lot of statements that support both sides of the argument, this is my reasoning why I think ‘Android’ is better. I hope this helped you become more knowledgeable about Apple products.


I feel like most people feel like and think that iPhones are better phones than Android. Most people from this generation, I would say, have iPhones and only a few people have Android. I would say that some things about the iPhone are good, but some things don’t go to an extent like how Android can.

iPhones are popular, almost everyone has one. It’s something that most people in this generation have because Apple is a brand that I would say is ‘popular’ to most, I would say it is because it’s been out for years now and the company is very successful in what they are doing. There are a few things that I don’t like about iPhones. I would say you should upgrade to a new iPhone every two years because you can’t do certain things.

Some of the things I do like about the iPhone are: Facetime, iMessage games, and Face ID. Facetime because it’s a way to stay in contact with family. iMessage, is good because it’s really easy to use. Face ID is nice because if you forget your password, all you need to do is show your face.

So, even though the iPhone is missing some of the things the Android has, it still has some nice things going for it.

*NOTE: This article is kind of biased and does not completely rely on facts, but instead more on the authors’ opinions.

ACT vs SAT: Why do we take them? Are they necessary?

By: Maya Breininger

The infamous ACT/SAT exams date back to 1959, and have been used to summarize a student’s academic ability. The question is: Is this an accurate measurement of a student’s capabilities, or is it a grueling task that we just assign to high school students?

A study done in New York City addresses the high levels of chronic stress high school students face daily. It tells us how mentally damaging the repetitive cycle of school can be for young students, and about how the system is fit to teach students who all learn the same way. The cycle of learning a topic, memorizing it, and writing down the information on a test is the daily stressful learning system that students endure every day.

Although there are many studies done suggesting that this is the most efficient and effective way to reach large audiences of children, there are opposing studies that express how vital it is to have interactive assignments that immerse the kids in the material.

Now, what does this have to do with the ACT/SAT exams?

Well, first you have to ask yourself a few of questions – What are the contents of the exam? Are the pages of multiple choice questions of topics that were briefly discussed during class time the best way to assess a student’s academic value? Are the “core class” sections of the test – made to prepare you for very specific and non-diverse career paths – truly reaching into a student’s brain and obtaining its full potential?

Disregarding the repetitive nature of the test, along with the questionable measurement of educational properties, the way that these test scores are used can be very harmful for individuals.

Now, anyone can argue that the tests are used by many colleges and universities as tools to filter their applications, but is it accurate? Can it harm the individual?

SAT scores – according to the website Collegeboard.org – are used to make decisions about admissions, by comparing students based off of their scores. This indirectly states that a 3 hour exam can accurately capture the knowledge of an entire student. By using the same sections and decisions, colleges assess who can make it through applications.

Consider these components the next time that you have a conversation about the SAT scores, or form an opinion of a person for refusing to take them. Besides the fact that your score could deter your dream college from your application, it’s also a good idea to survey the contents of the SAT, and find out if it’s worth an entire year of stress to young high school students who might not even all learn the same way.

Now that you’ve read this article, can you confidently state that SAT and ACT exams are an accurate assessment of student knowledge? Should a decision made in 1959 about the rules of education affect how colleges view your application information?

The way I see it, it’s not an accurate assessment of the whole student, and there are lots of better ways for colleges to determine if a student is a good fit for their school.

For more information, please check out these websites:

Systematic abuse in USA women’s soccer:

By: Mia David

On Monday, October 3rd, 2022, a report was released by former Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates. It showed the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and U.S. Soccer Federation’s (USSF) inability to provide a safe environment for their players.

This report includes 200 interviews that investigators conducted. This investigation started long before this month. About a year ago, NWSL players Sinead Farralley and Mana Shim came forward about inappropriate behavior from former coach Paul Riley.

Paul Riley was let go by the Portland Thorns and was able to get a new coaching position five months later for the team Flash. Riley is not the only coach to be passed around the organization with little to no punishment for their actions.

According to CBS News, the report focuses on Riley, Christy Holly of Racing Louisville, and Rory Dames of the Chicago Red Stars. It goes into depth regarding the coaches’ actions and what their individual teams did in response.

This report talks in depth about how these coaches and other coaches are allowed to move from one team to another. They do this without any repercussions regarding their past behavior on other teams.

“Abuse in the NWSL is rooted in a deeper culture in women’s soccer, beginning in youth leagues, that normalizes verbally abusive coaching and blurs boundaries between coaches and players,” the report reads.

The report goes on to highlight the steps that U.S. Soccer will take to address the recommendations in the report. These recommendations end up being a total of 172 pages.

According to ESPN, these recommendations include implementing an office of participant safety to oversee the USSF’s conduct policies, publishing soccer records from SafeSport, mandating a background check of all employees, and more.

The NWSL and USSF have had problems with systematic abuse since they were first formed. However, this report coming out is being seen as a turning point. These organizations and abusive coaches are being forced to face the consequences.

Review of Haiku sushi restaurant

By: Alexa Ramirez & Kaylen Fuentez

For our review, we’ll be going to the Japanese bistro, Haiku. They serve a number of things such as sushi and hibachi, which is what we decided to order. We ordered their Kappa Maki rolls, Onion soup, as well as their Chicken Hibachi.

Inside the haiku restaurant

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was the ambiance; it was very calm, it wasn’t too busy, and was fairly quiet. They had slow, quiet music playing in the background and yellow dim lights throughout the restaurant.

We were checked on 2 or 3 times before our food was served, our glasses of water were filled frequently, and we were checked on while we were eating to make sure we had everything we needed.

It also didn’t take long for our food to come and we were able to get our checks quickly.

The order of the Kappa Maki

We ordered 3 dishes: an order of Sushi, Hibachi chicken, and we each got an order of Onion Soup.

The Sushi Roll we ordered was the Kappa Maki (cucumber) roll. It was priced at $5 for 6 rolls, a very reasonable price, and came with a few additive elements such as soy sauce, wasabi and ginger. The sushi rolls consisted of cucumber, seaweed and white rice wrapped on the inside. These rolls were delicious, and tasted very fresh. This order, aside from being super delicious for non vegetarians, being a delicious vegetarian option was definitely a bonus. We rate the cucumber roll a 4.5/5 stars and would definitely get it again.

Another thing we ordered was the onion soup, which was priced at $3. Aside from the actual soup, inside there were mushrooms and scallions. The soup was very savory, tasted really good, and was a nice warm appetizer, especially on a cold day. We’d rate the onion soup 4⁄5 stars as well.

The Hibachi Chicken order

The next order we received was the Hibachi Chicken Junior, which was the smaller version of the regular Hibachi Chicken. It cost $12.95, and was served with chicken, fried rice and veggies. The chicken was cooked to perfection and perfectly balanced savory and sweet sauce flavors. The fried rice was warm, savory, and overall my favorite part of the dish. The cooked zucchini paired well with these two, and really tied the dish together. All of the dish’s components were spectacular and deserves a 5/5.

Overall, the excellent service, kind waitresses, the welcoming ambiance, and delicious food they serve really push Haiku over the top. This restaurant has so many delicious dishes to choose from and is friendly to all people hoping to enjoy this amazing place. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this restaurant and rate it a 5/5.