‘One of Us is Lying’

By: Kaylen Fuentes

*Warning: contains spoilers*

The television show ‘One of Us is Lying’ first premiered October 7th, of 2022. The series is based on Karen M. McManus’ book ‘One of Us is Lying’ which was published in May of 2017, followed by the sequel ‘One of Us is Next’ published in January 2020.

Season 2 of ‘One of Us is Lying’ premiered October 20th, 2022. After leaving off on a cliffhanger at the end of season 1, fans had been waiting a little over a year for the release of season 2.

The TV series ‘One of Us is Lying’ follows the story of 4 high schoolers who were framed for their classmate’s death after being the only ones left alone with him moments before he died of an allergic reaction. The show follows them trying to figure out what happened to their classmate and who framed them for his death. However, this season, after figuring out who was responsible for their classmate’s death, they try to cover up another and keep their secrets hidden.

At the beginning of season 2, a new antagonist is introduced by the name of Simon Says. Simon Says knows the club’s secrets and what really happened to their classmate Jake. The group killed Jake out of self defense and vowed to keep their heads down, tell no one, and not speak to each other to look less suspicious because they knew the police would suspect them, and they didn’t want to get into even more trouble. Which is where last season ended off. But this season, Simon Says comes out saying that they have proof of the club’s involvement with Jake’s murder. All through this season, Simon Says makes the group do dares which if they don’t go through with, they will have secrets they don’t want revealed out, They also blackmail them into doing some of their work to make the club look even more guilty.

I’ve seen many people on social media confused on why season 2 doesn’t follow the entirety of the book ‘One of Us is Lying’. My thoughts are that season 2 follows what happens between the ending of the first book and what happens in the sequel ‘One of Us is Next’ following different kids from the same high school as the students from ‘One of Us is Lying’.

This season deals with romance, discovery and of course mystery. One of my favorite plot points this season was getting to learn more about a newer member of the club, Janae. They open up about their gender identity and how they don’t feel like a boy or a girl, as well as letting their girlfriend and the rest of the club know how they feel. I think this representation is important because it gives others who are watching this show insight on how to deal with your emotions and feelings as well as learning about how to deal with friends who open up to you about their gender identity. 

However, one thing I didn’t like about this season is it was slow paced, as well as the unnecessary plot points that did little to nothing for the story. One example of this is there was an entire episode dedicated to a character: Vanessa. Vanessa is the club’s number one enemy, she used to be Addy’s best friend until in the first season the secret was revealed that Vanessa’s boyfriend TJ, cheated on her with Addy, and ever since Jake’s “disappearance” Vanessa has always linked the club to it. In Vanessa’s episode, it is told from her point of view, of her figuring out a ton of things we (the watchers) already know. To me this felt unnecessary because there could have been much more interesting things happening other than rewatching and learning about things we already knew.

The season ends very abruptly and of course on a cliffhanger which sets the show up for a season 3, leaving many fans asking what happens next because many people don’t see how the cliffhanger connects to a possible 3rd season. This season was slower paced, in my opinion, and there were a few plots that didn’t make sense and didn’t do much for the story. 

Overall, I rate the 2nd season of ‘One of Us is Lying’, 3.5/5 stars.

‘One of Us is Lying’ season 1 and 2 are now available to watch on Peacock.

What is RSV, the third disease in the rumored “triple-pandemic?”

By: Ann McMullen

RSV refers to respiratory syncytial virus. This illness shares some similarities with the flu: they both affect the respiratory system (nose, throat, and lungs) and generally occur during late fall through early spring.

Who does this virus affect?

Anyone can be infected, but RSV is the most common and dangerous in children under two years old.

How do I know if I have RSV? Is there a cure?

The virus often presents itself as a cold, with symptoms such as fever, cough, and congestion. However, it can lead to more severe conditions. In fact, RSV is the leading cause in young children of pneumonia and bronchiolitis – a lung inflammation disease quite similar to bronchitis.

Patients can be tested for RSV, but there is no cure for it and antibiotics do not help treat the virus. Thankfully, it tends to clear up by itself within a week or so.

And, what is this “triple-pandemic?”

Americans are referring to influenza, COVID-19, and RSV as a “tripledemic,” as all three of them are quite prevalent in the United States right now. Flu cases always spike in the fall, but they’re even higher than usual this year. With COVID restrictions now greatly loosened, cases are expected to rise in the coming months. RSV wasn’t much of an issue for the past two years because a large portion of people still wore masks. This year, however, cases are greatly increasing, which is more than likely also a result of the lifting of COVID restrictions and people using less caution towards viruses overall.

To best protect yourself from RSV, the CDC advises that you should thoroughly wash your hands, cover your cough, and avoid close contact with people who appear to be ill.

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