The scam of the keto diet

By: Irene Cohen

The ketogenic diet, or keto for short, is a diet that focuses on extremely low carbohydrates with high fat content and protein in their foods. The idea of using this diet in order to lose weight is that the low carbohydrate intake and high fat intake forces the body to go into ketosis and burn fat instead of carbs. This, theoretically, results in burning body fat for energy and subsequently losing weight.

The ketogenic diet was developed in the 1920s by physicians from the Mayo Clinic. It was developed as a means to help treat epilepsy, as it mimics fasting metabolically. Fasting has been used as a treatment for epilepsy for over one thousand years, and this new diet provided a more accessible and healthy way to mimic fasting while avoiding most of the negative side effects. This diet was a very popular method of treating epilepsy until antiepileptic medication was developed. The mystery of why this diet works for treating epilepsy is still unsolved.

The keto diet requires you to eat 80-90% of your daily caloric intake from fat, with less than 100g of protein and 10-15 grams of carbohydrates. This forces your body to go into “starvation mode”, or ketosis, where instead of using glucose as an energy source, it breaks down fat stores into ketones in the absence of sugars.

What most people experience as fat loss due to the keto diet is usually just a calorie deficit, according to experts. Tracking your macronutrients and calories makes you more conscious of your food intake, which in turn makes someone more likely to lower their intakes as a reaction to this awareness.

This diet is also incredibly hard to follow, and many people end up not even going into ketosis, instead just having a high fat diet while still having enough carbs to break them down as usual.

The ketogenic diet can even have consequences for those who don’t have a professional nutritionist to aid them or those who do not need to follow this diet in order to treat neural diseases, like epilepsy. With such a large chunk of your diet being fat, your heart takes a hit. Such a high fat intake for so long can really affect your arteries in the long run. Not only that, but limiting your carbs to such a degree limits the nutrients you can consume. Eating just one small apple can meet your daily carb limit, and think of all the nutrients you get from fruit with a high, but healthy, sugar content.

The keto diet is another fad diet of medical studies being taken out of context for those who are desperate to lose weight. Most professional nutritionists say that at best, for the average person, keto might be moderately healthy. The possible consequences of damaging your metabolism and heart long term in order to shed a few pounds is not worth it. Eating a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, and whole grains is almost always the answer, most professionals say. Leave the ketogenic diet to those using it as a means of treatment for various diseases.

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Highland Park punches two tickets to the MN state meet

By: Abby Altman

Photos courtesy of Jen Rusch 

A lot was riding on the Highland Parks Scots’ performance at the 2022 section 3AA meet. In the last 5 years, the boys and girls cross country teams at Highland have made several state appearances each. 2021 was perhaps the most successful state meet in Highland history. The girls team won the state meet, while the boys team came in third. 

2 years ago, Highland Park was moved down a section due to their school size, placing them into competition with teams slower than their previous section. Last year, this helped the team secure their spots at state with much less anxiety and stress. This year, the competition has increased, especially on the boys side. 

This year, Two Rivers, Highland Park, and St. Thomas Academy all finished the section meet within 10 points of each other. Two Rivers took 1st place, taking the first spot at the state meet, with 49 points. Highland was very close behind, taking 2nd place, and the final spot at state, with 51 points. St. Thomas Academy finished in 3rd place, just missing out on state, with 58 points. To put emphasis on how close these point totals are, the 4th place team finished with 130 points. 

In the boys 5K race, Highland had runners place 1st and 2nd, finishing just 4 seconds apart. Gavin Roberts cruised to the finish line in 1st place, with a time of 16:16. His teammate, Davis Isom, kicked hard right behind him, trying to ensure he beat the runner from Two Rivers, who finished 2 seconds behind Isom. 

Highland then had runners finish in places 12, 13, 23, 27, and 30. 

The boys team is ranked 4th overall in class AA. 

“There is only excitement going into state”, said senior Ben Martin. “We don’t have any expectations other than to have our best race of the season”. 

The boys team believes there are around 6 teams with a chance of winning, and they are one of them. “We know the race will be super close, and that just makes it more fun”, said Martin. 

Photo courtesy of Jen Rusch 

On the girls side of the race, the pressure wasn’t quite as high. The girls team has been ranked number 1 in class AA all season, and for good reason. They’re fast. 

The Highland Park girls took 1st place at sections this year, beating 2nd place Two Rivers 26-60. Luna Scorzelli finished 1st, 38 seconds ahead of 2nd place, with a time of 18:11. Delia Johnson, also from Highland, finished 2nd with a time of 18:49. 

Highland finishers took places 4, 9, 10, 16, and 24. 

Looking ahead to the state meet, Luna Scorzelli is ranked #1 in class AA, and Delia Johnson is ranked #8. Highland is the only girls team with more than 1 runner ranked in the top 12.

“There is definitely some pressure to repeat previous results this year. This can be super stressful, but it’s also super exciting”, said senior Delia Johnson. “I’m grateful to be on such a hard working and high performing team and I’m looking forward to showing everyone what we’re capable of”. 

Photo courtesy of Jen Rusch 

The state meet is on Saturday, November 5th, at St. Olaf college.   

MNUFC vs Dallas recap of playoff game, plus offseason preview

By: Aeden Evenson-McDermott

Image taken from: nalty-kicks-before-losing-in-playoffs/600216665/

Following the last regular season game against Vancouver, the Loons were able to find momentum going into the Dallas game. The Loons would be asking themselves for more as it was a tough ask to win against FC Dallas. The first half started with the teams feeling each other out.

Both sides were evenly matched with Dallas and Minnesota each exchanging shots on net. Dallas maintained 60% of the possession but the Loons were able to hold their own thanks to a strong back line presence and incredible saves by goalkeeper Dayne St. Clair.

The first half ended in a 0-0 draw with both teams asking for more. It was certainly an entertainer for fans to take in.

In the second half, both teams would exchange chances near the goal. The combination of higher intensity and aggressiveness would be key to the rest of the match. This would lead to the greatest opportunity of the game in the 53rd minute when Bongi Hlongwane dribbled into the box and dished the ball off to Emanuel Reynoso for an incredible left foot finish into the bottom of the net.

But in the 64th minute, Dallas was able to get a goal of their own off the corner kick from Matt Hedges to be headed into the goal by Facundo Quignon, 1-1.

Goalkeeper Dayne St. Clair played quite well and made numerous saves throughout the game. After the 90 minutes of full time, the match would head to 30 minutes of extra time. Both sides did a few substitutions in order to get fresh legs into the game. Both teams went back and forth and none could break the deadlock.

With the end of the additional 30 minutes of extra time, the game would be decided by penalty kicks. This would ultimately determine the fate of the Loons 2022 season. Dallas converted all five of their penalties while the Loons got four out of the five and Captain Will Trapp missed his shot.

Another disappointing end to the season as the Loons appeared to have fallen short again. Hopefully next year will be better!

As for the postseason, the guys are off for a short period of time and will resume training in early January before the season starts in late February or early March.

With the FIFA World Cup coming up in late November, Dayne St. Clair will be with the Canadian national team but it remains to be seen if he will actually get any playing time.

As for the Loons, The off-season will come with new changes to the team personnel. A decent amount of players that were on the bench predominately will leave and begin new chapters. Many of the top players with the likes of Reynoso, Lod, and St. Clair will stay.

The new changes I expect to see will be a younger center back, more strikers as we need attacking ability, and more strength in depth for midfield as well, possible goalkeeper changes if Tyler Miller leaves the club too.

Looking forward to the next season and seeing how the club makes changes to further improve our team as we once again start over to make our playoff push.