Youth volunteer opportunities for the summer

By: Mila Hart

While taking time off during the nice and warm summer months, it would be a good idea to find somewhere to volunteer. For students that are a part of the National Honor Society, it might be nice to get all of your volunteer hours over the summer, so you don’t have to worry about it during the school year.

While having some down time during the summer doing some volunteer work would be a really great thing to do with your time, volunteering is a very fulfilling activity to experience. By being a volunteer you can find a sense of pride and identity while also building your self esteem and life satisfaction. It’s a fun way to feel a natural sense of accomplishment and to give back to, and help, your community.

A great organization to volunteer for is the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. This organization values the energy and enthusiasm that teens can bring to the table. Habitat for Humanity focuses on eliminating poverty from the Twin Cities, and bringing awareness to the need for decent, affordable shelter for all people. Habitat for Humanity offers many volunteer opportunities for the youth of the Twin Cities that range from helping build and rehabilitate affordable homes, sorting donations, gardening, and educating and advocating.

Another great organization to work with is Books For Africa. Books For Africa collects, sorts, and ships books, computers, tablets, and library enhancement materials to every country in Africa. They have had direct feedback from 212 recipients, in 35 different countries, that say that Books For Africa books have been very useful and have had a positive impact on learning in their communities. There is a large disparity in education between schools with a library and those without. While volunteering for Books For Africa you will be sorting and packing books according to category and age level.

There are so many more volunteer opportunities for teens in the Twin Cities this summer so I also suggest doing some research yourself.

To learn more about volunteering for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity visit:

To learn more about volunteering for Books For Africa visit:

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