Benefits of investing at an early age

By: Abdihakim Mohamoud

The majority of teenagers don’t have investing on their minds when it comes to spending their money. However, investing at an early age can have numerous tremendous benefits. These benefits include saving more, improving risk taking ability, and more recovery time.

Investing at an early age leads teens to develop a habit of saving more, leading to more money gained in the future. With this in mind, teenagers save more by cutting unnecessary expenses and save money towards their investments., states that studies show that younger investors have more of a risk taking ability than older investors as older investors are generally more conservative and like being stable in their investments. The probability of earning a higher return increases at an early age because young people tend to take higher risks.

A third benefit of investing early at a younger age is more recovery time. If you begin investing at an older age, you’re more likely to have less time to recover your losses. However, by investing earlier you have more time to recover in case you incur a loss.

Studies prove that early age investing increases the probability of reaching financial stability at a younger age. Investing early supports your retirement plan; it’s always a better idea to save for retirement in your early 20s rather than in your middle aged years.

Teens, or young adults, should seek proper assistance when investing. People such as stock brokers, investment advisors, or even your parents, are good sources to help you start investing.

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