Spring fashion trends 2022

By: Ella Tabor

Images taken from: Pinterest

Let’s take a look at some of the trends we might be seeing this spring.

With the rise and popularity still ongoing, this spring we’ll see nods to our favorite y2k moments. In spring ’22 we’ll see more modernized versions of some of our beloved 2000s trends. Think mini skirts, sequins, pink, denim, colorful sunglasses, flared and low-rise pants, graphic baby tees, and more.

Image taken from: Hola.com Fashion Gallery

Bright colors will be making their way into our spring ’22 wardrobes. With the increased popularity of vibrant colors on the runway, it’s no surprise that bold colors are coming out this spring. Techniques like color blocking (pairing colors that are opposites on the color wheel) are a great way to achieve this look.

Image taken from: Vogue Runway, Miu Miu

Another element we’ll see is the preppy style. Cable knits, polos, pleated skirts, gingham, blazers, and collared blouses. The Designer brand Miu Miu has been credited with the rise of this trend with the popularity of their spring ’22 lines which featured cut-off sweater tops and mini skirts.

Image taken from: Vogue.com

Extreme layering is coming back. I know, at first, I was skeptical. However, this trend may be one of my favorites. Thinking back to the 2000s when jeans were paired with mini skirts. This trend is all about layering tops, pants, skirts, and accessories in a seemingly chaotic fashion.

Image taken from: Universityoffashion.com

Draped and wet-looking pieces are becoming increasingly popular amongst designers and personal styles. These techniques are influenced by Grecian silhouettes. “Wet” pieces are designed to cling to the body and take on a water-drenched look.

Image taken from: Miniskirtsandminimorals.com

Fashion reminiscent of the 60s has also spiked interest in many. A few emerging trends are small silk scarves, bandana headscarves, skirt suits, knee-high boots, and wide-leg pants.

With that rundown of some trends to keep an eye out for, go out and have fun with fashion.

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