Why is true crime so addicting?

By: Ella Tabor

True crime is compelling to many, but why? Why do so many people obsess over this genre?

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Right as rain by UW Medicine: https://rightasrain.uwmedicine.org/life/leisure/true-crime

According to a clinical and forensic psychologist, Paula. E. Bruce, “True-crime shows are compelling to many because they can provide a window into a reality that we do not readily have access to.”

Since the genre focuses heavily on female victims; it’s not surprising that more women are enthralled by true crime. This is no coincidence given women are more likely to relate to the possibility of being a victim.

Psychology professor Kareem Johnson notes that the violent content we are most likely to enjoy corresponds with the type most likely to affect us.

Dr. Bruce relates the fascination with this gore as a way of preparing ourselves for these situations. She says, “…There is some relief in being able to visualize how a personal trauma could happen…”.

Also, to those who have been personal victims of violent crimes, true crime may provide a sense of validation. These victims can feel relief in knowing their situation could have been worse.

True crime entices many of our curiosities and fears. The fear of how irrational these acts are makes us want to understand why these criminals, who commit such unthinkable crimes, do what they do.

Scott Bonn, Phd, criminologist and author of ‘Why We Love Serial Killers: The Curious Appeal of the Worlds Most Savage Murderers’, says, “If we can’t understand why these killers do what they do, that fear is never abated”.

True crime and other horror genres provide us a safe distanced window into these fears and curiosities without having to experience them, which is a large reason why this genre is so addicting.

According to Dr. Bruce, compulsive obsessions with true crime may be cause for concern but simply enjoying the thrill and solving the mysteries is no problem.

Radon the silent killer

By: Haroon Yonis

Radon, it is something we cannot see, we cannot smell, and is something that we simply cannot detect with our 5 senses. Yet, it continues to kill thousands every year, and thousands continue to succumb to this silent killer. 

Radon isn’t as known as cigarettes or vapes, but it causes as much damage as the two. 

Radon is gas that can lurk from the depths from your home, your school, or anywhere you go. It is a carcinogenic gas that causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year.

The scariest part is that this odorless gas kills 2,900 non-smokers a year. Even if you avoid smoking, you can still be ravaged by this carcinogenic gas.

Radon usually kills people in two ways, either you can be affected by the radiation in radon, and develop lung cancer, or you can die from radon poisoning. One affected by radon poisoning usually exhibits the following symptoms: wheezing, chest pain, coughing blood, a persistent cough, and even weight loss.

Radon has been proved to be associated with cancer, specifically lung cancer. There have been many studies and much literature that validates the correlation between cancer and radon.

So, now that you understand the lethality of this gas, how do you avoid this dangerous and deadly gas?

Radon is found everywhere, but it has extremely low levels outside. It is typically found in much higher concentrations in buildings, such as schools, homes, and stores. The reason for this is that the radon becomes trapped in these buildings, slowly accumulating over time. This is especially true, in urban areas, such as higher populated cities. 

To avoid this gas, you must first find out if it is lurking in your home, or your workplace. You can buy a testing kit online, or have a professional come and test your home. The first option is relatively simple and cheap, while the latter is a bit more expensive but overall more reliable.

If you find out your house has low radon levels, there is nothing to worry about. But if your house has dangerous levels of radon, you must call a professional to purify your home from the gas. Anything higher than 4 pCi/L, is dangerous according to the EPA.

Make sure to test your home even if you suspect there aren’t high levels of radon in your home. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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The best places to travel for spring break

By: Ella Sutherland and Lauren Kottke

Spring break is coming up fast and it’s hard to choose where to go. There are many great options with great adventures. Here are some of the most popular places people go!


Maui is the big island of Hawaii and where most tourists go. Although it’s a long flight there, it’s worth it. There is beautiful sight seeing, warm weather, culture, and great food.

The Road to Hana is a popular activity for tourists to do. It takes about 8 hours to complete the road trip through the jungle and desert. It’s great bonding time for the family. There are also many waterfalls you can stop and swim in on the Road to Hana.

Another activity that many tourists do are luau’s. They teach the tourists about Hawaiian culture while also entertaining the guests. The dress code for these events is normally a Hawaiian dress or shirt and sandals. First, when you arrive they give you leis. Traditionally they serve a Hawaiian dinner and talk about the history of Hawaii. And after dinner, they do a show with dancers and fire.

The last activity is snorkeling. Hawaii has some of the best snorkeling in the world. You can see whales, turtles, and all kinds of fish!


Another very popular place to travel for spring break is Florida. There are so many options that offer different activities.

Fort Myers offers wonderful golf courses at the fort Myers’s country club and at the Eastwood golf course.

Another great activity in Fort Myers is a western Everglades tour. On the boat tour you see alligators and turtles. It’s a great way to see and learn about Florida’s ecosystem!

Another popular activity in Fort Myers is a copacetic day sail. They take you on a sail ride through the crystal blue water where you can see dolphins, turtles and varieties of fish.


Colorado is a popular vacation spot during the winter, but also can be in the spring. A fun activity is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The zoo is around a mountain so there are great views and animals. Their most popular attraction is their giraffe feeding.

To see some cool historical artifacts, visit the National Museum of World War II. They keep World War II planes intact and preserve them. Along with the awesome planes, there are guided tours. The tour guides know so many interesting facts to keep you interested throughout the tour.

If you want to get outside in nature, visit the Red Rock Canyon. They have beautiful hiking trails that never disappoint!

Costa Rica

A great attraction in Costa Rica is the waterfalls. La Fortuna waterfall is a hike that meets a waterfall. The hike is a bit long, but the views are worth it. You can also jump in the water for a swim!

Another beautiful place in Costa Rica is Playa Manuel Antonio beach. It’s part of a national park and they offer guided tours. Once you get to the beach there is crystal clear water with great swimming. By the town there are also restaurants to stop in and grab a bite.

The last activity for Costa Rica is Neo Fauna CR. It’s led by a group of passionate workers who help endangered species. They offer tours where you can learn all about the animals and scenery. The most popular animal people see there are the monkeys.

All of these vacation spots offer so many great views, attractions, and culture. No matter where you end up going, we hope this article offers some new information.

All images taken from: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g34230-Activities-Fort_Myers_Florida.html