Sports schedule for: Oct 15-21

MONDAY DATE: October 15, 2018
5:00pm Football: B Squad Game Vs. Providence Academy @ Providence Academy
5:30pm   Volleyball: Girls C Squad Match Vs. Johnson @ St. Paul Highland Park H.S.  
5:30pm   Volleyball: Girls JV Match Vs. Johnson @ St. Paul Highland Park H.S.
7:00pm   Volleyball: Girls Varsity Match Vs. Johnson @ St. Paul Highland Park H.S.
TUESDAY DATE: October 16, 2018
3:30pm 1:30pm Cross Country: Girls Varsity Conference Meet Vs. Central, Como Park, Harding, Humboldt, Johnson, TBD, Washington Technology Magnet @ Como Golf Course 5:45pm
3:30pm 1:30pm Cross Country: Boys Varsity St. Paul City Conference Meet Vs. Central Como Park, Harding, Humboldt, Johnson, TBD, Washington

Technology Magnet @ Como Golf Course

5:00pm 3:00pm Swimming: Girls Varsity Meet Highland Park/SPA vs. Central @ St. Paul Humboldt H.S. 7:30pm
WEDNESDAY DATE:  October 17, 2018
6:00pm   Football: Varsity Game Vs. St. Croix Preparatory Academy @ Highland Park
THURSDAY DATE:  October 18, 2018
12:00pm   Football:  B Squad Game Vs. Minneapolis South @ Highland Park Stadium
FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY DATES:  October 19, 20, 21, 2018

No events scheduled for these days.




Mass texts of the Presidential Alert system to everyone with smartphones

On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018, everyone with a smartphone in the United States was expected to receive a text message that stated: “Presidential Alert: THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency System Alert System. No action is needed.” This is the first test that the federal government and cellular carriers put together to alert people of serious things like widespread disasters and terrorist attacks.

These are similar to AMBER ALERTS, for missing children, or serious weather warnings because they both come from the federal government. The only difference is with Presidential Alerts, you can not turn them off in your cell phone’s settings. The system is run by FEMA, which is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They have stated that all major cell phone carriers have agreed to participate in this.

This test was originally scheduled for September, but it was delayed because of Hurricane Florence. The law behind the cell phone notification system, which was passed in 2016, requires FEMA to run a test at least every three years.

There has been a concern about privacy with these notification alerts. People are worried that the government has too much power over what they can see on our personal devices. Thankfully, President Trump isn’t the one who can just decide what message to send out to cell phones. It is controlled by specific people that work for FEMA. Also, the FCC will ask cell service providers to produce a reflection about how the test went.


Hiway: Momentum

Momentum is an interactive financial learning platform that Hiway has launched to help youths and anyone else who wants to know more about finances. There are different financial topics that are explained in only 3-5 minutes, with visuals that are easy to understand. There are many different topics that you can learn about; it is not just checking vs. savings account. For example, there is a section about buying your first car, and about getting your first paycheck. There is even a section about college.

Each section, has specific topics that will help you learn more. For example, in the “College Possible” section, there is a budgeting tool that helps you get an idea on how much you should save and how much you should use.

There is also a section on money basics which is a very good start if you don’t know much about finances. The text is meant to be easy to read and they also have transcripts of their audio portions.

One of my favorite sections on Momentum is the “Helpful Calculators.” This section has different types of calculators, kind of like the budgeting calculator, but for other things such as: life insurance planning, emergency savings, student loans refinancing, and many more. It helped me learn more about how I can budget my money and allows me to make better decisions regarding the money I will use to spend.

Another one of my favorites is the section “Your First Car.” Getting your first car is exciting, but there is a lot of money that is needed and that includes the money for getting insurance to cover for your car. This section prepares you to know information on insurances and loans that will be useful. Also, this section lets you know more about the importance of your credit score, including what factors could easily impact your credit reports, and how you can make sure to avoid situations that could negatively affect you score.

Here is the link to the Momentum. It is a platform that you should definitely checked out:

Spirit Week

September 24th to 28th was Highland’s Spirit Week, each day consisting of a different theme for students and teachers.

  • Monday was “Dress up Day”
  • Tuesday was “Pajama Day”
  • Wednesday was “Minnesota Wear Day”
  • Thursday was “Class Color Day”
  • Friday was “Red Out.”

Many students and staff enjoyed Pajama Day as there were many unique and cute pajamas worn. Most of the pajamas worn by students were onesies, and others were just pajama pants. Pajama day is seen as one of the most popular days of Spirit Week as students tend to talk about it more. They also get more excited about it as they chat with friends about what they’ll wear.

Friday was Red Out for students to show their school spirit by wearing the school colors which are red and white. Red out is usually the last day of spirit week, and that is because Pep Fest takes place on that Friday. Many students and staff would wear red on that Friday to show school spirit during the pep fest.

This year’s Spirit Week went well, as many students and teachers had fun dressing up for each day.  I interviewed three students about Spirit Week, here is what they had to say.

Jennie Vang(Junior): Spirit Week wasn’t that creative this year; the Minnesota wear day was just random. Also, for dress up Monday, everyone was planning to dress up already because it’s also Picture Day. Overall, I really enjoyed Pep Fest just because we had some new performances; the boys and girls soccer team had their own dance which was new and really cool. Other performances like the Dance team, Football team, and Cheer team did a really good job; it felt really different this year.

Aicha Minoui(Senior): Spirit Week was really fun, but I would try to do something more interesting, and new since it seems like the themes are the same every year. Something I really enjoyed though, was wearing something new or weird and having others join me. Also, I enjoyed showing off my class shirt because I can show people that I’m an upperclassman and not a Freshman.

Emily St. Clair (Senior): I didn’t really enjoy most of Spirit Week, but I’m glad we have it just so we can show ourselves a bit more. I really enjoyed Pep Fest, it looked like we had a lot more students this year because half of the Freshman and Sophmores were sitting on the floor. I really just want pajama day everyday.