Spirit Week

September 24th to 28th was Highland’s Spirit Week, each day consisting of a different theme for students and teachers.

  • Monday was “Dress up Day”
  • Tuesday was “Pajama Day”
  • Wednesday was “Minnesota Wear Day”
  • Thursday was “Class Color Day”
  • Friday was “Red Out.”

Many students and staff enjoyed Pajama Day as there were many unique and cute pajamas worn. Most of the pajamas worn by students were onesies, and others were just pajama pants. Pajama day is seen as one of the most popular days of Spirit Week as students tend to talk about it more. They also get more excited about it as they chat with friends about what they’ll wear.

Friday was Red Out for students to show their school spirit by wearing the school colors which are red and white. Red out is usually the last day of spirit week, and that is because Pep Fest takes place on that Friday. Many students and staff would wear red on that Friday to show school spirit during the pep fest.

This year’s Spirit Week went well, as many students and teachers had fun dressing up for each day.  I interviewed three students about Spirit Week, here is what they had to say.

Jennie Vang(Junior): Spirit Week wasn’t that creative this year; the Minnesota wear day was just random. Also, for dress up Monday, everyone was planning to dress up already because it’s also Picture Day. Overall, I really enjoyed Pep Fest just because we had some new performances; the boys and girls soccer team had their own dance which was new and really cool. Other performances like the Dance team, Football team, and Cheer team did a really good job; it felt really different this year.

Aicha Minoui(Senior): Spirit Week was really fun, but I would try to do something more interesting, and new since it seems like the themes are the same every year. Something I really enjoyed though, was wearing something new or weird and having others join me. Also, I enjoyed showing off my class shirt because I can show people that I’m an upperclassman and not a Freshman.

Emily St. Clair (Senior): I didn’t really enjoy most of Spirit Week, but I’m glad we have it just so we can show ourselves a bit more. I really enjoyed Pep Fest, it looked like we had a lot more students this year because half of the Freshman and Sophmores were sitting on the floor. I really just want pajama day everyday.

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