The importance of the SATs

I personally think that the SATs are important for many different reasons, but before discussing the importance of it, here’s a brief history of how it came to be.

Carl Brigham, who worked with Colonel Robert M. Yerkes on the army IQ tests, published a book: A Study of American Intelligence. This book analyzed the data from the World War I army mental tests. Brigham came to the conclusion that native born Americans had the highest intelligence out of the groups tested.

In 1925, Brigham devised his own college test known as the Princeton test, and by 1926, he had created the SAT (The Standard Assesment Tests) for the college boards. The SAT would be taken in high schools by students before they would go off to college.

There are different reasons why the Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) are so important. For one, it’s how colleges cormpare your scores to other applicants around the world who have applied to college, so if you have a perfect GPA and a perfect SAT score, college admissions will be impressed, and you would likely be acccepeted into that college.

In high school, if your GPA is not what you were expecting, and is extremely low, taking the SATs might be a good idea because if your GPA is low and your SATs scores are high it can boost up your lower GPA. Because of this, college admissions may accept you into college, and this may even lead to scholarships. The SAT scores can also show a clearer picture as to whether your GPA and transcript are accurate according to your academic ability.

Another reason why the SATs are so important is that the jobs you might apply to may ask for your SAT scores, and if you don’t have those scores, because you didn’t take it, that might lead to you not getting the job. According to an article on, a surprising range of companies ask job seekers, from entry-level consulting applicants to senior-level banking applicants, to produce old SAT scores.

Many students that are going off to college may ask, why take the SATs? Taking the SATs can help you get into college because most colleges in the United States require that you take the SAT to compare your scores with other applicants around the world, and also, if you get a high SAT score, some colleges may offer you colllege scholarships and you can get more job offers later in life.

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The locker room problem

If you’ve ever been in, or better yet, used, the girl’s locker room in the basement of our beloved high school you have probably noticed some flaws in the design. The showers are never used and constantly drip, creating weird and suspicious looking patches around the drains. Because of their condition, and a lack of time, girls never use the showers.

Also, for whatever reason only 3 of the 11 showers still have curtains. The curtains that are there are falling off of their hooks. I talked to my classmates and almost all of them agreed that there is a problem with the bathrooms.

Annika Stall said that:

“The shower curtains are broken giving no privacy.”

Because no one showers, missing curtains shouldn’t matter. However, many girls prefer to get ready for class there rather than out in the main area.

But by far the biggest flaw of this decently spacious locker room is its bathroom.

When asked if she thought there were any problems with the bathroom, another student (who wishes to remain anonymous)said:

“Yeah – it’s one stall!”

The bathroom consists of only one stall; in the corner of the locker room. Outside are two sinks and two hand dryers. Because many girls find that going to the bathroom during other classes or during the short passing times is difficult, they instead wait until right before P.E., when they know they will have time to access a bathroom. They wait in a line that on some days has been six or seven girls long, making them late to class. A girl in the locker room told me during her interview that:

“Girls are waiting in line and they’re being late for class sometimes – because there’s not enough stalls.”

Now that you have read about the problems with the locker room, you are probably wondering what can be done to fix it. The easiest fix is the showers. With some new curtains and some clean up they would be as good as new, and they would provide plenty of private changing spaces.

The bathroom is less simple. I know that this one article can not magically redo the bathroom, but I hope it has shined some light on an issue that could be fixed.