Hiway: Momentum

Momentum is an interactive financial learning platform that Hiway has launched to help youths and anyone else who wants to know more about finances. There are different financial topics that are explained in only 3-5 minutes, with visuals that are easy to understand. There are many different topics that you can learn about; it is not just checking vs. savings account. For example, there is a section about buying your first car, and about getting your first paycheck. There is even a section about college.

Each section, has specific topics that will help you learn more. For example, in the “College Possible” section, there is a budgeting tool that helps you get an idea on how much you should save and how much you should use.

There is also a section on money basics which is a very good start if you don’t know much about finances. The text is meant to be easy to read and they also have transcripts of their audio portions.

One of my favorite sections on Momentum is the “Helpful Calculators.” This section has different types of calculators, kind of like the budgeting calculator, but for other things such as: life insurance planning, emergency savings, student loans refinancing, and many more. It helped me learn more about how I can budget my money and allows me to make better decisions regarding the money I will use to spend.

Another one of my favorites is the section “Your First Car.” Getting your first car is exciting, but there is a lot of money that is needed and that includes the money for getting insurance to cover for your car. This section prepares you to know information on insurances and loans that will be useful. Also, this section lets you know more about the importance of your credit score, including what factors could easily impact your credit reports, and how you can make sure to avoid situations that could negatively affect you score.

Here is the link to the Momentum. It is a platform that you should definitely checked out: https://www.hiway.org/learn/momentum/index.html

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