‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ review

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has just hit it’s 13th season, bringing it closer and closer to being the longest running live-action sitcom. The premiere for this season, titled “The Gang Makes Paddy’s Great Again,” has recently aired, and it was…just okay.

The first notable difference in this season is the absence of Dennis (Glenn Howerton). In the season 12 finale, Dennis left to North Dakota, so he could be a father to his son. This was because Howerton was doing another show, and didn’t know if he could do Sunny along with it. He had been there since the first season, offering angry outbursts and a chin chiseled by the gods themselves, it was sad to see him go.

His replacement was Cindy, played by Mindy Kaling (her most notable role being Kelly Kapoor from The Office). In Sunny, Kaling plays a manipulative women, who knows how to get Paddy’s more customers through lies and, well, manipulation. We first see her speaking to a crowd in Paddy’s, explaining how welcoming the gang had been, and that it is a great bar for people of all religions, sexuality, and gender.

As soon as her speech is over we cut to the back office, where Cindy explains that they finally got the “liberal crowd” for Paddy’s. It was a fake speech meant to entice the left to Paddy’s, so they could have more customers. The gang thanks her, and we learn that next they’ll be going for the conservatives by “Making Paddy’s Great Again.”

We cut to Mac’s apartment. This is where Mac decides to unveil his new abs, so it looks like we’ve come a long way from season seven’s “Fat Mac.” We then learn that Mac also bought a Dennis look-alike doll, that really creeps out the rest of the gang. This doll is what turns the episode from a political satire to a whole new plot.

Cindy eventually shows up, and explains her whole plan, and tells Mac to get rid of the doll. But he doesn’t. When the gang gets ready to do the plan, it seems to be perfectly fine. Dee is beautiful, Frank can play the tuba, Mac and Charlie have wonderfully decorated “Liberal Tears” signs for the right-wingers.

But the plan falls apart when the Dennis doll gets in their heads. The gang swears they can the hear the doll talking to them, saying everything that Dennis would say. This confuses Cindy, and of course makes her angry as it is making her plan fall apart. Dee ruins her make-up, Charlie and Mac ruin the signs, and Frank can no longer play the tuba. Everything is destroyed due to this doll, and therefore, because of Dennis.

Which is why, when Dennis comes back, Cindy gets so upset. It’s understandable, he ruined her plans and constantly bashes the gang, but he’s a part of them. That’s why it’s also so understandable that the gang lets him back in.

Dennis returns in a creepy fashion, which is very true to his character. The gang is talking about the doll, when all of a sudden we hear it talk. Well, we think we do. The camera actually pans right, revealing real life Dennis standing there accompanied with a jumpscare sound effect.

Dennis makes his remarks, Cindy argues that they shouldn’t let him in the gang, but they do. She leaves in a huff, and the episode ends with the original gang all back together. Dennis asks Mac if he’s gained weight, and we cut to the credits.

So, overall the episode felt very…forced. Of course, this could have been on purpose because Mindy Kaling was forced into the group as a replacement for Dennis, and the creators made the show feel like how the gang felt. But it doesn’t help that there were few laughs, and the sound quality didn’t seem to be the best.

It’s a good episode, it did it’s job, but I also don’t think it was at it’s best. Hopefully, the rest of the season does go above and beyond as Sunny is shown it is be able to do.


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