Highland Park winter sports

By Alivia Arredondo, Piper Gallivan, and Natalie Braga

Winter sports season is here! Here are some of the great sports you can join this winter to get even more involved with Highland and make our school proud!

Boys Hockey
Join hockey! They practice every Monday-Friday from 5-7pm. It’s a great way to get fit fast. There are two teams JV, and varsity, and no experience is required to join! All players need to do to join is pay the $100 fee and provide their own equipment. Hockey offers the opportunity to get closer to one another with super fun dinners for the team and at least 2 games a week. So if you’re looking for a high commitment fun sport join hockey!

Do you want to work on your strength and defense skills? Join wrestling, where you can practice five days a week from 2:30-4:30pm to train for meets, matches, and tournaments against other schools. You can either be on the junior varsity or varsity, however, if you miss 3 practices, you will not be able to wrestle in the meets. Shoes and head gear are expected, as well as the $45 sports fee. Wrestling may be hard, however, it is extremely fun and is welcome to all!

Girls Basketball
Want to be a true baller? Join the girls basketball team! The team practices Monday-Friday 2:15-4:15pm and Saturday 8:30-10am. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and meet new people! There are usually 3 teams you can join, varsity, JV, and C squad, and no experience is required. This sport doesn’t require much besides the regular sports fees to play a winter sport, and other than that, the only thing that you need to provide are basketball shoes. There are games once a week, so come join the girls basketball team for a great time and great exercise!

Boys Swim
Calling all boy swimmers! Join the boys swim team. Boys swim team practices everyday Monday-Friday 3:30-6pm and Saturdays 8-11am. It’s a great way to meet a bunch of really cool boys. You can either make JV or varsity and you’re guaranteed a spot on the team as long as you can swim 50 meters without stopping. To join the team you have to have all your physicals up to date as well as paying the fee, which is $45, to join. Suits for races also cost an additional $45 (roughly). You, yourself, would need to provide a practice suit (that is not your race suit), goggles, and a towel. Boys swim team competes in dual meets weekly and have remained conference champs for many years. Although it is a high commitment sport, it’s a great way to meet a bunch of really fun goofy guys and make great friends. The coaches are all very qualified and make things even more fun, so don’t forget to join the team!

If you want a medium to high commitment sport where you can get fit, learn fun skills, and make new friends, join gymnastics! Practices are every weekday 2:30-4:30pm, and meets will be on Wednesdays at 6pm. You can compete in routines on all four events (bars, beam, vault, floor) against other SPPS and Minneapolis schools, all while being cheered on by your teammates. No prior experience is necessary, and all you will need is athletic clothes or gymnastics wear if you have it. Even if gymnastics is not the sport for you, it is very interesting to watch, so come down to watch the team at one of the Highland meets!

Girls Hockey
Interested in the full Minnesotan experience? Join girls hockey! There you will face an incredibly fulfilling experience with a very tight group of girls. Currently, they only have a varsity team, and by playing for 2 years you’ll automatically letter. You don’t need any experience to join, but you’ll need to be able to complete certain skills to play. Some equipment can be provided for you if ask, but most things will need to be provided by the athlete. You’ll need a stick, helmet, skates, chest pad, elbow pads, hockey socks, shin pads, and breezers. You’ll become close with a lot of girls by doing things like bowling, and staying in a hotel with them at the annual out of town tournament. It’s a pretty high commitment sport, practice is everyday from 3:30 to 5:10pm Monday through Friday. They have at least one game during the weekend. If you have interest, it is $100 to join, and talk to Mr. Auran.

image taken from: http://weclipart.com/skiing+snowman+clipart

Alpine Ski
Alpine Ski is calling all athletes new and old to join their team! You will have the opportunity to meet lots of new people because it is combined with many SPPS schools. You will need race skis, boots, poles, goggles, and a helmet, which can be found for cheap at ski swaps! The team tries to practice at least 2-3 times per week at Afton Alps, where they also compete against other teams in races. You will be able to make either JV or varsity, for either boys or girls, if you play for Highland. The commitment level is what you make it, but they encourage everyone to come as much as they can. Talk to Mr. Auran if you want to join!!

Dance Team
Dance Team is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to improve their dancing skills, while also bonding with the fun people with similar interests. Practices are Monday-Friday 2:15-4:15pm, and they mainly focus on kick and jazz types of dance. The team competes against other AA dance teams in the area at day long competitions that you can invite your friends and family to. While you are expected to come to the practices and competitions, the team understands that school, health, and family comes first. Dance team includes everyone no matter how much experience you have, and welcomes everyone to join!

Nordic Ski
Nordic Skiing is a great opportunity to make the most out of our beautiful Minnesota winters! You can join with zero experience and are guaranteed to make either varsity, JV, or A or B squad. Practice for JV and varsity takes place 5-6 days a week and A and B squad practices 4-5 times a week. All teams try to race either classic or freestyle once a week, depending on snow conditions. It’s a pretty high commitment sport; you have to show up everyday ready to do your best. You will meet, and get to know many great people, and partake in fun activities with your team. Every year you will have the opportunity to go to MapleLag Ski Resort, something every Nordic skier holds close to them all year. It is $120 to join, plus extra if you want to rent materials from the school. Anyone who wants great exercise while drinking lots of hot chocolate should talk to Mr. Auran soon!

Boys Basketball
Want to be a baller? Join boys basketball! They practice Monday-Friday 2:30-4:30pm and Saturdays from 12-2:30pm. No experience is required, and tryouts are held to place you on either C-squad, JV or varsity. Games are super fun and there are at least 2 a week. To join, make sure to pay the $45 fee and make sure you can provide your own basketball shoes! Basketball is a great way to be a part of a team with a bunch of cool guys, and teaches you about responsibility. This is a high commitment sport that will get you in shape, and it’s a great way to make new friends.

Special Thanks to Lizzy Symmons, Cameron Pittman, Olivia Johnson, Calvin Boone, Abby Johnson, Cathie Carlson, Will Altman, Axel Lang, Holly Kampa, and Maggie Blomgren for the interviews!

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