Grand Slam

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On October 27th, the seniors of Highland Park, class of 2018, had their very first field trip together. For this trip, all of the seniors gathered together to go to Grand Slam for their very first bonding experience to start off their last year of high school.

Grand Slam was kind enough to let the seniors take on all of the fun activities they have available including:

– Mini Golf
– Laser Tag
– Bumper Cars
– Trampoline
– Batting Cages
– Arcade

For the two hours that the seniors were there, they got access to all of the games, laser tag being the most popular, of course. There was alway a very long line waiting outside the laser tag room. For the laser tag, each group got a total of 5-7 minutes to play, being split into teams of blue and red, and I can tell you that it was the most fun I’ve ever had! Here are some things the students had to say.

“It was so fun! I got to spend time with my friends and I got to play laser tag for the first time.” – Calista Vang.

“Going into it, I didn’t think that I would have any fun, but surprisingly, I did. My favorite part was laser tag, I sucked at it but I still had so much fun.”

During the day, there was a time in between where each student was welcomed to grab a free hotdog and a drink; of course, there were other options, they just weren’t free. They had a variety of foods to pick from their menu, things like: pizza, cookies, coffee, and much, much more. Though it was a short amount of time, I’m sure that the seniors had a blast and would do it all over again.

“Grand Slam was our very first field trip together and the people who planned it did a great job! I know that there are many more great trips to come.” – Anonymous Senior