Stay warm this winter!

Not sure how to dress appropriately for winter?  Unsure about :jacket, boots, scarf, hats, gloves, socks, coats, extra sweaters, Etc.?

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Get ready for the cold and start getting your gear. You might need to change your wardrobe to make space. Need help? Donate some of your stuff to Goodwill from your summer/spring clothes.

Also, some tips to stay warm are: get a heater, try to get warmer blankets, and try to change your room a little by adding winter/holiday stuff (for fun).

Want to have fun in snow? Snow gear, besides a jacket, you can wear for playing in the snow includes: snow pants, gloves, scarfs, and a hat.

This year we are expecting a bit more snow than before. If you want to stay warm then WEAR YOUR GEAR. Snow is pretty, but it can be a bit dangerous without the proper gear. 

Also, consider some other fun “cold weather” things like getting your nails done with colorful snow stuff. Always remember, something good about winter clothes is that some are soft and some are made out of cute fabric.