Exchange students

Exchange students visit Highland every year, and every year Highland Students are exchange students. Exchange students will say that it’s one of the best parts of their life so far. Usually, exchange students enjoy it here and vice versa for students of Highland that went to a foreign country.

Usually, an exchange student will stay with a host family. Host families are a family consisting of at least one parent and one child under the age of 18. Host families sign up to take care of an international student for the school year. They feed the student and introduce them to the culture of America.

A recent example of exchanges students coming to our school were the Indian exchange students that visited our school. They came for only a week, but chose a good week in Homecoming week. They had the chance to see, and compare, how a public school in Minnesota, America compared to their school in Delhi, India.

To have the chance to be an exchange student, one could go to You have to apply, but you can pick the country that you’d be interested in staying in. One thing the program won’t be is free. To visit Germany for example would be almost $8000 U.S dollars. Another program that is commonly used here at Highland is SHARE. This organization will organize everything for you, including a host family and placement. When I visited the counselor, this was the first program they mentioned.

An exchange student doesn’t always have to go out of country either. National Student Exchange (NSE) is a program that allows college students to go to another university in U.S states and territories, such as Puerto Rico and Guam.

At the end of their experience, exchange students often love their time in a new country/state, and the ability to learn about a new culture is often priceless for many.

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