Highland Park Cross Country Season Highlights

The Highland Park Cross Country team had an overall very successful season this year including: sending the top seven girls and seven boys of the team to city conference, being conference champions for both girls and boys, and winning against our rival Central!

Girls conference had a great outcome with Erin Moening coming in third place. Boys conference also had a good outcome with Michah Mather coming in second and Abram Donovan getting 5th. Michah Mather also won second during the sections race! The girls team unfortunately did not get into the top three but had three girls in the top thirty, Elizabeth Pearson, Erin Moening, and Anna Schmidt.

Micah at state meet

photo courtesy of Nancy Galligan

Abram, Coach Moening, Coach Johnson and Micah at State Meet

photo courtesy of Nancy Galligan

This year, the Highland Park Cross Country team sent two boys to state, Michah Mather and Abram Donovan, which has not happened in years, according to their coach Brad Moening. Michah Mather came back with amazing results coming in second place overall. Coach Brad Moening said, “This is one of the best performances we’ve had, we’ve only sent 4 people to state in the past 15 years so this was a big deal. I’m very proud of them.”

Another great mention, and thanks, to the cross country coach, Brad Moening, who was voted “Coach of the Year”. He said, “Being voted coach of the year really reflects how the kids have done and it’s really fun for them to be recognized as well.”

Congratulations Scots! We’re all very proud!

Movie review

~b125934I recently saw the new movie Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension at Theatres at Mall of America with my sister. The movie theatre was packed and we sat in the middle.

The beginning of the movie had a slow start like in the other ones. When I was watching the movie I got kinda bored because at times nothing was really happening. It is more interesting when you start seeing things move around and start getting scared.

The movie was about a man and his wife and daughter that are getting ready for Christmas in their new house. After moving in they come across an old camcorder. Later, the husband (Ryan) found out that the camcorder can record strange apparitions that you can’t see. Then, their daughter (Leila) starts talking to an imaginary friend and she starts acting strange. They then find themselves in a terrifying battle with a supernatural force.

Overall, it’s a good movie. On a scale from 1-10 I give it an 8.5 because of how it’s kind of  slow when the scary parts were not happening. Also, if you thought you were getting closure, you’ll be disappointed but overall it’s a great film.

I recommend this film to people who liked the previous Paranormal Activities movies, and like being scared.

Beats Music canceled

Word has spread that the popular Beats Music app is going to be discontinued on November 30th by Apple. Apple’s decision to discontinue the application was able to happen due to Android now offering Apple Music on the Android app market Google Play Store.

On November 30th, all Beats Music subscriptions will be cancelled, but until then, Beats is offering ways to move your preferences and picks to Apple Music. Apple is hoping for the subscribers of Beats Music to then transfer over to Apple Music following the discontinuation

beats-music-logo-650-430-600x400In a document shared by the Beats Music website, http://www.beatsmusic.com,
Beats is no longer allowing new applicants, as well as asking previous subscribers to switch to Apple Music. Beats points out new and improved features to Apple music such as better music recommendations, along with the Beats 1 radio as well.

The Beats website is also offering help for a variety of topics such as offering resources for migrating from Beats Music to Apple Music on both Android and Apple products, unused balance questions, the costs of the service, ect