Beats Music canceled

Word has spread that the popular Beats Music app is going to be discontinued on November 30th by Apple. Apple’s decision to discontinue the application was able to happen due to Android now offering Apple Music on the Android app market Google Play Store.

On November 30th, all Beats Music subscriptions will be cancelled, but until then, Beats is offering ways to move your preferences and picks to Apple Music. Apple is hoping for the subscribers of Beats Music to then transfer over to Apple Music following the discontinuation

beats-music-logo-650-430-600x400In a document shared by the Beats Music website,,
Beats is no longer allowing new applicants, as well as asking previous subscribers to switch to Apple Music. Beats points out new and improved features to Apple music such as better music recommendations, along with the Beats 1 radio as well.

The Beats website is also offering help for a variety of topics such as offering resources for migrating from Beats Music to Apple Music on both Android and Apple products, unused balance questions, the costs of the service, ect