All vegan/vegetarian lunch line

The thought of being a vegetarian can be frowned upon by many people, and as a result of this, many people might not take into consideration that there are plenty of students surrounding us that are vegetarian or vegan. Being a vegetarian/vegan can become very difficult during school hours and may result in students eating an unhealthy diet because there aren’t many options, or not eating at all.

Some days there aren’t any lunch lines at Highland Park that have products that don’t contain meat or animal products. I don’t understand why this is.

Everybody thinks being a vegetarian is so difficult, but you might think it is for the first week, only because you’re so accustomed to going to the McDonald’s drive thru and grabbing a cheeseburger. Yes, eating meat can be quick and easy, but it isn’t difficult to stop. So, why does everything have to be topped with bacon or chicken?

Having a vegan/vegetarian lunch line would make lunch much easier and convenient to students. They could easily serve soy milk with meatless patties with veggies on the side. It’s healthy and not as difficult as everyone tells themselves. Also, eating vegan saves up to 600 gallons of water a day.

Many people think about becoming vegetarian but don’t have easy access to it because everyone around them is eating meat, and that’s always been the easiest route to go. This could be a great alternative to those people that would like to try it out.

The more meat we eat in the cafeteria means the more meat they order for the next month, which results in more animals getting killed. We can prevent that from happening by simply eating a veggie burger, or pasta with no meat.

We already have many lunch lines where ONLY people that eat animal products can eat from, so how about we start a lunch line where EVERYONE is able and comfortable to be eating from.

veggie patties