Halloween horror movies

Halloween is usually a time when people like to be scared. Here is a list of some movies that could fit the bill not just around Halloween, but any time you feel like you might need a chill.


Horror Movie Classics

  1. Halloween (1978) – The unstoppable murderer behind the pale white mask and black jumpsuit is killing everyone in his path on his way to get his hands on Jamie. While all of the adults in town are gone, Michael Myer is out hunting for teenagers who don’t believe he is just a Halloween myth. Mr.Loomis is the only one out searching for Myer, in desperation to end him once in for all, but all of the time that Myer has been captured and supposedly killed, he would always resurrects himself.
  2. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – A teenagers realize that the clawed hand man with the red and green stripe shirt and the burnt griming face revealed under the brown hat is stalking teenagers down in their dreams, Eventually their goals is to never fall asleep in order to save themselves from their destined fates. Main character Tina realizes that some of her friends also experience the approach of ”Freddy” after they doze off in their dreams and goes on the pursuit to kill them. After finding out that Freddy has been killing all of her friends in their sleep, Tina is scared to fall asleep again and stays awake for seven days to figure out the mysteries of Freddy Kruger. This is based the nursery rhyme, “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.” There are a total of nine films for this series, not including the latest one from 2010, which basically sums up the series into one film, and yet has a way better plot and tension compared to the older versions.
  3. The Exorcist (1973) – Based on an actual event, a little girl, Regan, is possessed by Pazuzu, a demon who had been defeated several years ago and has returned to seek revenge. After playing with a Ouija board, Regan begins to act strange, everything from consistently shaking, chanting in strange noises, and acting in violent manners physically and verbally, and eventually resulting in a murder. After medical treatment fails, her mother turns to a priest for help, and from there he tries to destroy the Pazuzu once and for all.


Horrors for the Pros

  1. The Ring (2002) – I would recommend that you rent out the video form of this movie to get the best out of experiencing the plot. The movie will begin with the flashing static screen and then black out. A couple seconds later it is replaced with flashing images of random settings, only to which you will comprehend after finishing the movie. The overall plot is about a mother who receives a threatening phone call, quietly whispering “seven days”, hence meaning she will only have seven more days to live. Everyone who watches this video will experience the same phases, such as a bloody nose, then choking out a wire attached to an old electrode. The main character attempts to uncover the mystery of this little girl cursing the video and becomes determined to change her fate.
  2. Insidious (2011) – A married couple and their children move into a their new home. One of the sons, Dalton, seeks to find out the origins of the sounds in the attic and caught sight of a shadowy figure and eventually falls into a coma. Strange events begin to arise in the new home as voices are being heard over the baby monitor, seeing ghostly figures, and the parent would figure out that their home is being occupied by supernatural activities. The Lamberts must come to face the demon and rescue their possessed son.
  3. Carrie (2013) – This movie is a new remake of the 1974 version of the horror movie, Carrie. The movie depicts the life of a teenage girl who obtains telekinesis but her shyness had isolated her from other students. After being bullied during an event in the shower room, the girl who tensed her was soon suspended and banned from attending prom. On the day of prom, Carrie became homecoming queen, but had pig blood poured all over her as this was her bully’s way of seeking revenge. Carrie being humiliated and embarrassed unleashes her telekinetic abilities and goes on a rampage.


International Horror Movie Reviews

  1. Shutter (2004) – This is a Thai horror that even had an American remake of this. The girl who he had unintentionally humiliated in the past comes back as a ghost to haunt him and his friends. He had taken a picture of her being abused and taken advantaged of, and the photograph eventually spread throughout the school population.
  2. Shomba Coming Soon (2008) – This is also another Thai horror film, which I will admit, is the most terrifying movie I have ever watched. An elderly woman had been killed during a filming of a movie after acting the scene of her being hanged. The women possesses the film and anyone who watches this movie in theaters becomes the victim of her vengeance.
  3. Death Bell (2008) – A class of 20 Korean elite high school students are being attacked while in class preparing for college entrance exams. Later they come to realize that a student has been kidnapped and was displayed on a TV screen, being trapped in a tank with water pouring in. Given a limited amount of time, the only way to save her is to solve a posed questions, and failure to do so would result in the student’s death. The process would continue as more students are mysteriously being taken away one by one until two students and two teachers are left to uncover the situation.


New Horror Movies you should check out this weekend (2015)

  1. The Visit
  2. The Insidious: Chapter 3
  3. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Wondering about piercing shops?

Thinking about getting a new piercing soon? Holy Mackerel is the place to go. They have had the best feedback with barely any complaints other than to be pricey!

Verno, a piercer, is very understanding and clear about the piercing and after care instructions. Although this shop can get a bit pricey, compared to other shops, you always want your piercing to turn out looking great. It’s all worth it in the end. I have had great experience getting my navel and industrial pierced there.

Other great local shops would be Saint Sabrina’s, and Steady tattoo and piercings.

Also, whatever you do, I highly suggest you to not go to Almost Famous, located at the Mall of America. There are not too many good reviews from people that have had experience getting pierced here.

Samantha St. Clair, a former student here at Highland Park Senior High, has gotten her navel pierced at Almost Famous: they misplaced it and didn’t give her very direct cleaning instructions, and the piercing got infected within the first month and had to be taken out.

She later on went to Holy Mackerel to get it re-pierced once it healed. It turned out well, but there is still some scar tissue around the piercing where it got infected the first time.

So, be patient if needed, be safe, clean, and good luck! Also, remember you have to have a parent or guardian with you while getting pierced if you are under the age of 18.

What is bullying?

What is bullying? Does bullying even matter? Do people still bully anyone anymore?


According to stopbullying.com, bullying comes in different formats wether it’s verbal abuse, cyberbullying, or physical bullying. Bullying is a aggressive, bothersome behavior among school aged children that inolves a real or discern power imbalance. This behavior has the pontential to be repeated over time and will continue to keep going if not stopped. Bullying can include physical abuse, verbal abuse, calling names, harming others, spreading rumors, threatning someone, and excluding someone from a group on purpose for no reason.

Bullying seems to have been around for as long as anyone can remember. Whether it’s calling someone a name, to making fun of someone, or craking a quick joke, what you say can and will have an impact on someones life.

If you were to look up the word “Bullying” in Google, different informational websites about bullying will pop up such as:

On the website stop bullying.gov, it says students who are bullied are more likely to commit suicide, not show up to school, disconnect with others, have low self esteem, may have depression, and will feel uncomfertable everwhere they go. When people are bullying others, they tend to not have anything better to do, they are jealous, not happy with theirselves, dislike school, and love to see others in pain.

According to us.reachout.com, when bullying happens and a school does not take action, kids will automatically see that bullying is O.K., keep on doing it, and the entire climate and culture can be negatively affected. The impact on student learning and engagement can also be negative, which can lead to:

  • Students not liking school
  • Students feeling unwanted, feeling worthless
  • The school developing an enviroment fear and disrespet
  • Not caring what is being taught to them
  • Not listening or following teachers instructions

As it says on the website eyesbullying.org, being a bystander, a person who witnesses bullying, is also a big problem. Chances are, those students who watch someone get treated badly, called names, and being hurt in any way, and that do not take action to step up and tell a authority figure, will get in just as much trouble as the bully.

Multiple sources say that the best way to avoid getting bullied is to walk away, surround yourself with people who care about you, stay positive, and be confident. If the person keeps bugging you, go to the closest adult you can find and tell them.

IF YOU ARE BEING BULLIED AND NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO, CALL OR GO TO http://www.reachout.com or ask your counselor, teacher, a safe adult, or parent for more sources.

SPPS school start times

St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) has been looking into whether or not they should change their current school start times.

According to spps.org, the official website of the school district, the leading recommendation made by SPPS leaders is for SPPS to keep their current starting times for 2016-2017. Although the leading recommendation is for start times to remain the same for 2016-2017, SPPS is hopeful to continue working with Metro Transit to find a solution. SPPS also presented the Board of Education with two alternative options for start times.

The alternative options would be to change the school start times, overlooking the downside such as the $2 million increase due to less efficient bus routes, and the changing of 90% of schools’ start times, including elementary schools, causing difficulties for many families and staff.

The second alternative is for SPPS to stop searching for possible ways to change start times, and remain with the current structure. SPPS contacted Metro Transit in a year-long process of research and analysis, along with conversing about a possible partnership between Metro Transit and SPPS.

The main advantage of the partnership between Metro Transit and SPPS, would be allowing the majority of elementary schools to keep their current start times, creating less of an impact on families, staff, transportation costs, and school programs.

Despite SPPS and Metro Transit’s efforts to find a solution to school start times, in mid-September Metro Transit contacted SPPS notifying them they did not have the capacity/resources to expand to more high schools. Metro Transit notified SPPS that their east metro garage does not have the space to house any more busses, and for Metro Transit to expand to additional high schools, it would require an estimate of 20 more busses.

For more detailed information about possible changes in school start times, please go to: http://www.spps.org/starttimes

Girls Varsity Soccer Sections Game

The Highland Park Girls Varsity soccer team had an overall very successful season. With five wins and one loss they came in second in the Saint Paul Public Schools conference.

Audrey Dombro, one of the soccer captains this year, said, “I’m really pleased with the dynamic of our group”.


The girls soccer team made it to sections and played Trinity on October 13th and played a very close game, making the first goal. The team played this team earlier in the year also playing a close game and tied 2-2. They sadly lost the sections game 2-3.

Audrey also commented on their game performance, “We hoped to advance in sections and perform against more competitive teams. While we didn’t win our game, our season was a testament to the fact that we definitely have played at a level that was high enough to have gone further.”

Get ‘em next year girls!


The Musket Game

The annual Musket Game went off without a hitch, packing the stands with passionate fans for both schools. The first two quarters Central and Highland were competing in a close game, but towards the end the intensity affected everyone who attended, including players. Highland slipped behind but never gave up, however, ultimately, Central took the win.

We interviewed Jenna Cook, Katie Darwitz, and Gaby Masiello about the game from a fan perspective. They all agreed that the game was exciting, but the loss affected the vibe overall.

There are still complaints that we do not give enough school spirit for our team during the games and that the mascot is slacking on energy, with one person even asking “Who even is the mascot?”.

Requests have also been made for better themed games as well as the themes being better announced. Few people followed the Musket Game theme of underclassmen wearing white and upperclassmen wearing red.

However, that is just off the field. We interviewed players off the varsity team including Mason Ferguson, Rasjus Jackson, Tre Hollamon and Amitri Collins. We asked how it felt to be out there that evening, on the bench or field, and it was unanimous that the word to describe it was “intense.”

Some of the players felt that Central had bad sportsmanship, while others felt it was reasonable because of the known tension at rivalry games. Many players felt that their personal game was on point but the plays and overall teamwork could have been better.

Disappointed, but never despairing – We’ll get ‘em next year.

Model UN

The United Nations started in 1942 during World War II, which was an effort to fight against the axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan.) However, the United Nations (UN) didn’t officially begin until 1945 when there was a meeting with 50 countries to draw up the Union Charter.

The United Nations is still in action 70 years later. The UN has different committees like the first committee (Disarmament & International Security) and the second committee (Economic & Financial). The UN also works on meeting Millennium Development goals, which addresses things like poverty and hunger.

No school has officially claimed starting the Model UN, however United Nations of America says it’s likely that the first Model UN started at Harvard. Today, Model UN (also known as mock UN), is an opportunity for students to act as delegates for countries. Acting as a delegate requires research for the country and the topic they are giving their opinion on.

Global Studies teacher Ms. Rise is the teacher advisor for our school’s Model UN. Highland Park High School attends several events during the school year, including the annual fall Macalester conference, and the annual spring Metro State conference. Ms. Rise says, “Students learn how to write position papers and resolutions… how to debate, listen, give speeches and interact with sometimes with thousands of other students from Minnesota, the US, and all over the world at our conferences.”

Model UN is a good opportunity to: learn about how laws and actions are produced, meet new people, and construct a plan of action during a meeting. It also helps you think globally instead of just how it is to live in a developed country like the US.

Did the middle schools prepare freshman for high school?

In an effort to find out whether the freshman were prepared for high school, we printed out 61 copies of a survey-like quiz to see if their middle school actually prepared them for high school or not. The survey asked about their middle school and if it ever prepared them for high school. It also asked a series of questions on math, English, history, and science to see how much they knew about those subjects. The questions were at an eighth grade level, so the students should have been able to answer them correctly if they had been properly prepared.

image1Out of the 61 people that completed the survey, the middle school they attended broke down accordingly: (* Stated that their school prepared them for high school)

25 Highland Park Middle School*
10 Capitol Hill*
7 Linwood Monroe*
5 Ramsey
2 Highland Catholic*
Vandenberg Middle School*
Holy Spirit*
Battle Creek Middle

Based on the students feedback, 7 out of the 9 schools prepared the middle schoolers for high school in different ways such as: supporting and helping them set goals to achieve in high school. For example some ways that prepared kids from Linwood Monroe was that “they taught us how to be organized, told us how to write notes neatly, and had us use Naviance.”

Some students had AVID which really went through the basics of how high school is and how to stay on top of everything. It also introduced them to Cornell note taking, and how to organize your supplies. AVID is a college ready class that prepares students from 7-12 grade, filling their minds with helpful information. They also go on college field trips, and do team building activities that helps them have an open mind, and helps them achieve their academic goals.

Based on the data that we collected from the surveys, it seems as though Capitol Hill and Highland Park Middle School gave students the best advice on how to be prepared for high school and to be committed to their work.

The Rimers of Eldritch production

This season’s fall play is called, The Rimers of Eldritch by Lanford Wilson. The play is about a murder trial and the circumstances of it. The story is largely told in flashbacks and it is a serious production, unlike the many comedies the Thespian Society has performed in the past.

In an interview with Schlyer Jackson Fish (11), she says she’s most excited about the serious topics the play addresses including sexual assault. When asked, “If you could give one reason for everyone to come to the play, what would it be?” She replied, “You should come because it’s unlike anything we have ever done before. It’s an awesome and dramatic play that should be lot of fun to watch.”

Here is the cast lost for the production:

Robert Conklin         Roland Berg

Eva Jackson             Paige Bosler

Evelyn Jackson        Leah Kanihan

Nelly Windrod          Schlyer Jackson Fish

Mary Windrod          Sara Guneratne

Patsy Johnson         Josephine Johnson

Mavis Johnson         Isabelle Norby

Peck Johnson          Ben Jossi

Josh Johnson          Jasper Law

Lena Truitt               Kennedy McTeague

Wilma Atkins           Zoe Challenger

Skelly Mannor         Sydney Rodriguez

Preacher/Judge      Max Muter

Cora Groves           Charles Paredes

Walter                     Maddy Grady

A Trucker                Soren Eversoll

Townspeople          Riley Chase

                               Jackson Cross

                               Enzo Beduz

                               Kenji Callahan

                               Ben Smith

                               Leah Morley

                               Audrey Dahl

                               Clare Brownlee 

                               Maddie Becker

The Thespian Society has also recruited around 10 freshman this fall, and they feel they are all very talented and a good addition to the cast.

The Thespian Society is also now an independently funded organization and will be hosting fundraisers to earn money. We strongly encourage everyone to come out and watch the play!

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