Ending animal cruelty

~b606483Animal cruelty is a big problem, but is often not viewed as such. Many animals are abused daily but it is not a major issue to a lot of people because they are just “animals”. Many people don’t take into account that animals have feelings too and this abuse takes a toll on them. When people think about animal abuse they think dogs or house hold animals, but there is abuse everywhere.

When you go to a zoo or a circus that uses animals you are supporting animal abuse. Zoos may seem like a nice place to take kids as a form of entertainment, but the reality is that animals captive in zoos are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them. As a result of this, most animals suffer from a condition called “zoochosis”. The website Peta.org talks about how if you have ever noticed a captive animal sway back and forth this is a first hand symptom of this disease. This can get so bad that at some zoos they give animals a mood-altering drug, such as Prozac, because the public has started to catch on. In some cases it gets so bad that animals risk their lives in desperate attempts to free themselves. The reality is most people spend several minutes at a display for an animal whose whole life is misery. Instead of going to a zoo, watch documentaries on animals in their natural habitat happily living. For more on captive animals kept in zoos here is the link to the Peta website http://www.peta.org/living/entertainment/reality-zoos/ for more information.

Circus are very big places where many animals are abused. Many circus, animals are trained through the use of intimidation and physical abuse. According to Paws.org, former circus employees have reported seeing animals beaten, whipped and denied food and water. These actions are taken all in an effort to force them to learn their routines. Animals are taught that not obeying the trainer will result in physical abuse. This is very stressful for these animals having to go through all this abuse. Animals aren’t actors, instead they are spectacles imprisoned and forced to perform these silly, stupid, tricks for the amusement of humans. If you are interested in reading more about animal abuse in circuses, please visit: http://www.paws.org/get-involved/take-action/explore-the-issues/circus-cruelty/.

There are endless amounts of animal cruelty everywhere, these are just some of the more open to the public forms of animal cruelty. There is way too much suffering for these animals, and there is no compassion shown towards them. Humans seem to forget that animals are mammals too, and they have feelings  just as humans do, but still seem to matter less.


Schools are not safe in 2015

Parents assume that schools are a safe place for their children to go and socialize with friends and be educated but little do they know that some kids are bringing:

  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Drugs

image2Some kids think it’s O.K. to show off the weapons, drugs, etc. that they bring to school with no consequences. School resource officers (SROs) are not making it any better by putting guns, Tasers etc. on their utility belts, as this can show kids that it’s O.K. to have weapons in a school building.

According to Kare 11, a student at Patrick Henry High School brought a .38 caliber handgun to school with the intention of shooting another student after school. Patrick Henry school administrators are now talking about making a stand, and to make the district a weapon, violence, and gang free zone.

Another Kare 11 report of a student bringing a gun to school was in Hanover, MN, where deputies took a 9th grade student into custody after reports of seen a gun.

According to huffingtonpost.com about 17 percent of American high school students are drinking, smoking or using drugs during the school day. Of 1,003 students ages 12-17, 86 percent indicated they were aware their classmates were abusing substances during the day, and more than half acknowledged there was a place on, or near, school grounds where students periodically go to use drugs, drink, and smoke.

On Wlwt.com a middle school student in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, is accused of bringing two knives to school. Students alerted administrators about a threatening comment made by the middle school boy. The school isn’t releasing the child’s grade or age, but he was pulled from class immediately. That’s when administrator said the child admitted to having a pocket knife on him. The administrator said the knife had a 2 to 3-inch blade. According to the administator the student claimed the knife was left in his pants pocket from the night before.

According to the site Wdrb.com an Osceola County high school expelled two students. The two students attended Pine River High School in Leroy. The district superintendent says both students were expelled. While they’re not giving out names, they are saying one 17-year-old was expelled for having a knife at school during an athletic event. The other 17-year-old student was expelled for criminal sexual conduct on school property. The superintendent says they made the decision in order to keep a safe and orderly environment for their students.

No matter where they go, or what school they go to, students are not completely safe. They may feel that they are, but they don’t know what’s going on in other students’ minds.

It is this writer’s opinion that students deserve a place where they can be safe and be educated and not worry about if they are going to live that day or not.

When students bring harmful things to school, some of them get arrested and get charged. That goes on their permanent record, so maybe they will think twice before they do it again. But then again, maybe it won’t.