Book reviews



Cover of The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a 1925 fictional novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that takes place in 1922, in West Egg district of Long Island, New York. The novel is narrated by one of the main characters, Nick Caraway, who is from Minnesota and went to Yale and talks about his time in New York and the misfortunes that occurred during his time there.

What happened to Nick on the summer of 1922 changed his life forever. Nick meets Jay Gatsby who is his mysterious millionaire neighbor and his cousin Daisy’s lover. Daisy lives across the bay from them with her rich careless, cheating, arrogant husband, Tom Buchanan. Daisy and Gatsby meet again and have an affair.

Nick, later disillusioned and disgusted with happened, leaves the East and goes back to the Midwest then starts writing the book.

I recommend that people read The Great Gatsby because it’s really good and it’s realistic, because around the time the story took place, everybody was working hard to achieve the American Dream.

The author included some real life events that happened to him in the book such as, him and Nick being from Minnesota, their family background, and their social class.

You might also enjoy this book if you like the “Jazz Age” or the “Roaring Twenties” as this books takes place during that time.

There’s also a movie, based on this book, that came out in 2013, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio.



Cover of Clean

Amy Reed is the author of Clean. While she was growing up her family moved a lot and she went 8 different schools. When she got older she got a job as a waitress and began getting into trouble. But getting into trouble and moving place to place didn’t stop her from being a writer.

The book Clean is about teens that are drug addicts. These addicts have to share rooms and their darkest secrets with strangers at a Rehab Center.

I recommend this book because it’s really good and interesting. It’s sad because of the things the characters in the book do to fit in and impress other people, such as taking diet pills.

It’s interesting because the author did a good job of explaining teens struggling with depression.

Readers who read Beautiful and Damaged might as well like this book. From my perspective, Clean is a brilliant and strongly written book.

Something I learned from this book is when feeling depressed, talk to someone or do something that makes you happy.