Is TJ Nails worth it?

The question is: Is the nail shop called “TJ Nails” really worth what you pay for, and the answer is, yes, in my opinion.


image taken from the Your Villa Magazine website

TJ Nails is located on 598 University Ave W, St. Paul, MN, 55103 their location is easy to find: you go on University by the Rondo Library and go across the street and go to the Fish Hooks, and turn the corner and there’s a sign that says TJ Nails. The nail shop does pedicures, full sets, French tips, and eyebrows. TJ Nails does a great job at doing a person’s nail or face feature.

When I go to TJ Nails, I prefer to get Sam to do my nails. I feel like when Sam does my nails he is more careful, and concentrates more, and he takes his time more. Sam is the only male in the shop, and he does a really good job, but everybody else does to. Your nails will come out looking gorgeous and they will last longer than two months.

If you start taking your nails off, most likely your finger nail that grew underneath will come off because you need some special solution to take them off. Your nails will be just like they were before you got them on, but your actual nail will be longer.

I prefer to go to TJ Nails, as they are a good buisness.

New face, new ways, new games

IMG_0193Have you seen a new face, a new teacher, and wonders who he is? Well the answer is here! His name is Mr. Lang and he’s the new gym teacher!

Mr . Lang is the school’s newest addition to the staff. He is the new gym teacher who teaches gym for the freshman here at HPHS. We asked him some questions about how much he likes working at Highland Park and his past experiences in the teaching field. From the information we collected from him, he has been a teacher for 25 years, and this is only the second high school he’s been in.

After taking a look at his third hour class, we observed that he is having quite some fun with his job. The class was playful, encouraging, and the students were cooperative with each other, as well as with their teacher.

We took a second to compare our freshman experience playing handball to their current experience. Handball is a soccer-like game but with your hands. You throw the ball to your teammates but there’s a catch, you can only take three steps with the ball then you have to pass it. The goal is to get as many points as you can by making a goal as you help your team until the teacher calls “End Game”. After that is called, students then rotate and go against their next opponents.

Last year, when my fellow writers and I were in 9th grade, we noticed our experience with handball consisted a lot of disagreement and separation. Boys were separated from the girls, and not everyone participated because we played it for about 1 week straight, and people were losing interest because the game wasn’t as fun since the boys and girls were separated.

The major difference between the time we played handball, and this year’s freshman classes are they did not sepeate the teams by gender, and nobody felt excluded when teams were formed. Everyone participated in the games each year, but last year it was more vague because some people did not want to go through meeting new people, and were just not into it.

We took the time to ask Mr. Lang a total of 6 questions related to him teaching at Highland Park, and some techniques he uses to keep his class motivated. 

Q: How are you enjoying teaching at Highland?   A: I love it. I’ve been a teacher for 25 years. Second high school I’ve been in. Kids here work hard, are fun to be around, and I have a great crew I work with Ferraro and Kramer.

Q: Are you proud with the environment with the class?   A: Yeah. when the kids work hard it makes it easier, I don’t think there is such a thing that you can’t work hard.

Q: What are some of your teaching techniques you use to have the class more involved?   A:Hmm that’s an interesting question. Well I like it when kids are sweating and smiling. If I could make the activities fun and if they are having fun and if they are being involved then I have done my job.

Q: As a new teacher, how has the staff welcomed you to the school? A: Everyone’s been real friendly being down at the gym. I haven’t been able to go out and meet as many as I would like and I’m just as happy to be here.

Q: What made you come to Highland to teach?   A: I was offered the position from Mr. Ferraro and sort of Ms. Kramer spoke on my behalf, she talked to Dr. Tucker, he interviewed me and I got it.

Q: Is there a certain unit you would like to include or exclude from the curriculum? A: Oh! Hmm… well I was looking for new units, and new ideas and I wouldn’t eliminate anything… I’m always looking for new stuff. We’re adding a basketball class and we’ve never had one and I’m teaching that next year and a new soccer class.

IMG_0191After discussing about his journey so far at Highland Park, it was very interesting to meet and get to know Mr. Lang. Mr. Lang is very into what he does, and he wouldn’t dare to teach anywhere else. We had a very fun time interviewing him for his article. If you read this and you have him for a gym teacher, I recommend you put in your all in the activities he brings to you.

We enjoy meeting new people/teachers it is very helpful and has its advantages.

Do teens really know about the politics of today?


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.45.27 AM

image taken from “The Liberty Standard” website

Teens this year are really focused on the politics & the elections this year, but do they really know what they’re talking about? We took the time to go around and ask students who attend Highland Park Senior High what they know about the politics of today.

Since this is the last year that President Obama is going to be in office, Republicans and Democrats are going to try to argue and persuade the American people, and are going to try to explain why the people of America should vote for them.

What is a Republican? According to Google, a Republican is:

  1. a form of government, constitution, etc, belonging to, or characteristic of a republic.
  2. A person advocating or supporting republican government,&  a member or supporter of the Republican Party.

It says here at that the top Republicans left in this Presidential election include:  

  • Donald Trump
  • Ted Cruz
  • John Kasich

There were 6 more Republicans running earliers such as:

  • Marco Rubio
  • Ben Carson
  • Jeb Bush
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Rand Paul
  • Carly Fiorina

Then there are Democrats: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives (according to Google).

The top Democrats left running for President are:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bernie Sanders

We asked some fellow high school students about what they know about the politics of today, and these are some of their responses:

Dejra: I know that there are Democrats and Republicans but I know that Trump is all talk, and what he says doesn’t connect with the world’s problems.

Angel: Don’t vote for Donald Trump.

Serene: I know that Trump is a Democrat and that most of the President candidates are Republicans so Trump stands out and he thinks he is the stuff because he a Democratic.

In the end, we realized that most teenagers don’t really know about the politics of today. We found out that most of the kids that talk about the politics mostly focus on the negative remarks based on what they hear. They know the basics of what’s going on and they don’t really know the actual information disputed and what the main problem is. It’s social media that makes one situation look like the next, and then makes each and every candidate look like the bad guy when every candidate has the ability of convincing one another why they would be a good leader for our country.

Restruarant review

Buffalo Wild Wings is a chicken restaurant that serves a different variety of chicken whether you want hot, mild, or even regular they have it. Buffalo Wild Wings, also know as Bdubs, is a place where you can go and watch the game and eat some chicken, French fries, salads, different sides, and different drinks.


The service at Buffalo Wild Wings is great but it depends on how smooth they transition from table to table. Buffalo Wild Wings is good place to dine if you just want to relax and eat some good food. It’s the type of restaurant where you can just sit down and enjoy some wings with some friends, and watch sports on the big screen TVs they have hanging on the wall.

The restaurant by itself is one of the most successful places you can go for wings. Their food quality is really good…at least that’s what the customers say.

When my fellow writer and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings, our opinion was that the food was very delicious.

When you order chicken wings, they will ask you whether you want traditional wings, or if you would like boneless. We would recommend the honey BBQ boneless wings and hot BBQ boneless wings because they are very well made, really crispy, and they have the right amount of flavor.
For some sides, we would recommend fries or mashed potatoes. You can also get your favorite drink, such as Moutain Dew, Pepsi, or Coke.

IMG_2060Based upon our experience, we think it’s a nice establishment, and a fine place to dine. We would rate it:

4.5 stars for its food and theme

3 stars for the service because we think they could be a little faster with the food

4 stars for the ambiance because they don’t need all those TVs. Though, it is good in a way because every TV has a different sport on it so the customers can dine and watch any game.

Schools are not safe in 2015

Parents assume that schools are a safe place for their children to go and socialize with friends and be educated but little do they know that some kids are bringing:

  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Drugs

image2Some kids think it’s O.K. to show off the weapons, drugs, etc. that they bring to school with no consequences. School resource officers (SROs) are not making it any better by putting guns, Tasers etc. on their utility belts, as this can show kids that it’s O.K. to have weapons in a school building.

According to Kare 11, a student at Patrick Henry High School brought a .38 caliber handgun to school with the intention of shooting another student after school. Patrick Henry school administrators are now talking about making a stand, and to make the district a weapon, violence, and gang free zone.

Another Kare 11 report of a student bringing a gun to school was in Hanover, MN, where deputies took a 9th grade student into custody after reports of seen a gun.

According to about 17 percent of American high school students are drinking, smoking or using drugs during the school day. Of 1,003 students ages 12-17, 86 percent indicated they were aware their classmates were abusing substances during the day, and more than half acknowledged there was a place on, or near, school grounds where students periodically go to use drugs, drink, and smoke.

On a middle school student in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, is accused of bringing two knives to school. Students alerted administrators about a threatening comment made by the middle school boy. The school isn’t releasing the child’s grade or age, but he was pulled from class immediately. That’s when administrator said the child admitted to having a pocket knife on him. The administrator said the knife had a 2 to 3-inch blade. According to the administator the student claimed the knife was left in his pants pocket from the night before.

According to the site an Osceola County high school expelled two students. The two students attended Pine River High School in Leroy. The district superintendent says both students were expelled. While they’re not giving out names, they are saying one 17-year-old was expelled for having a knife at school during an athletic event. The other 17-year-old student was expelled for criminal sexual conduct on school property. The superintendent says they made the decision in order to keep a safe and orderly environment for their students.

No matter where they go, or what school they go to, students are not completely safe. They may feel that they are, but they don’t know what’s going on in other students’ minds.

It is this writer’s opinion that students deserve a place where they can be safe and be educated and not worry about if they are going to live that day or not.

When students bring harmful things to school, some of them get arrested and get charged. That goes on their permanent record, so maybe they will think twice before they do it again. But then again, maybe it won’t.