Fields of Hair


photo taken by Asiah Atiq

Fields of hair is a beauty/barbershop located in St. Paul, on Minnehaha and Hamlin. It’s a beauty shop and barbershop combined into one, and was started by a women named Marcie S. Fields. She runs the hairstyle department, and was joined by her loved one. Together, they made a simple building into a succesful shop that they can gladly call their own.

I asked Marcie some questions based on how things are going, and the methods she uses to keep the success going. The questions I asked her were to help me get a better understanding on how she created a fascinating business, and ways she kept it stable. Some of the questions I asked her were:

  • What is “Fields of hair?”
  • What are some business techniques you used to keep the business going?
  • What made you want to start your own hair company?
  • What are some advantages and disadvantages about your company.

“Being on time, that’s the biggest thing” says Marcie. She keeps things in order and keeps her appointments and calls in order. Another answer from Marci about what techniques she uses to keep the business going is: “You have to be able to be dependent on time. Customer service skills are important especially making your customers happy. Customer service skills, make your clients happy which falls under the category “customer service skills”. When the customer lets you know what they want, that’s when the listening comes in. You need to get a visualization on what they want and you can’t get that if you’re not listening.” Her response about the customers relates to the saying “The customer is always right”.

One thing she cherishes the most about her shop and how she started her company is the freedom, which to her means that anyone is welcome.

Some advantages and disadvantages I asked her about her shop and the way things are set are listed below:


  • Being my own person makes the moments stronger.
  • Spending time with my family matters the most, so I can make my own schedule when I work and when I don’t.


  • No paid vacation since I set my own schedules. If you don’t work, you don’t eat.

My experience at Field Of Hair was nothing but sensational, positive, and well-mannered. The service was great, and the job was finished in a matter of time. I feel as though she listens and focuses on what the customer wants. She keeps things flowing, and gets people in and out with no hassle. I am satisfied every time I walk in there, and I hope to continue visiting such a pleasant shop.

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