Sexism in HPHS basketball games

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During the basketball season, everyone is getting ready to either play hard or cheer hard, at Highland Park Senior High. Highland is primarily known for its school spirit, and athletes that show their athletic ability while playing and working hard; not just individually, but especially working as a team. Girls and boys basketball games are often very entertaining to watch. Each and every player, on both teams, has a skill that when put together, makes the team special. One thing that brings down the girls team is the lack of support at the girl’s games because, others would rather watch the boy’s game than women’s for various reasons.

Between the months of November and March, basketball season is in session in SPPS schools. The teams work on skills, team building, cardio and other activities to make the team excel. One thing that the girl’s team has noticed, is the lack of support that they get during regular games, or even bigger games. Sometimes it’s because the boys and girls are scheduled on the same day, but other times it’s because it’s perceived that girl’s basketball is “boring, weak, or because the boys are more entertaining” according to a teammate. There are many false things said about the girl’s basketball team and the sexism level is somewhat high.

We asked some of the players to hear their opinions on what they think about the sexism between the boy’s and girl’s game. One player said: “I think that the boy’s basketball team does a good job of supporting the girl’s teams…it’s just that the people of the school have such a negative outlook on us sometimes, but I guess they’ll come when they can. I don’t know.” The concern is not with the boy’s team supporting us, it’s mainly about the community not wanting to give support.

Overall, the season was great. They worked really hard to make this season successful, and had a long lesson about confidence which showed in the majority of the games. One thing that the Highland Park Girl’s basketball team has is teamwork, and that’s what leads the team to pursue success no matter how hard the season. They overcome any obstacle they face, as long as they have each other.

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