Teen exercise

By: Maya Breininger

Image taken from: https://www.pinterest.com/sleepaids/

When you think of teenagers, if you’re reminded of moody homebodies who prefer to spend their day inside, you wouldn’t be wrong. Many teens today find it a struggle to stay active considering their busy school schedules, their after school activities, and their yearning for sleep.

Although it seems as though teens will never have time to incorporate physical activity into their daily schedule, I have composed a list of alternative exercises that are easy to complete, and fun ways to get your blood pumping.

Firstly, it is imperative to understand – what is the importance of exercise in teens specifically? How does it affect them? Why is it important to incorporate it into the daily routine of a teen?

Well, encouraging healthy and active lifestyles at a young age promotes the same behavior as an adult. A busy schedule is something that will persist even in adulthood, so for teens to find the ability to incorporate exercise into their day will be a helpful life skill to have.

Another positive aspect of daily exercise for teenagers, is that 60 minutes of raised heart rates have been scientifically tested to improve moods and mental state, prevent serious conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and diabetes.

Some ways to enforce these healthy habits with busy schedules can include joining an after school sport, such as hockey, swimming, skiing, soccer, gymnastics, dancing, basketball, or any high activity sport that gets your blood pumping. School sports are easy to apply to, they’re fun activities to engage in with your friends, and they’re fun clubs that can fit in within your schedule and improve chances of scholarships for college.

Along with the reasons I have already provided on why to be active as a teen, it also prevents bone loss, boosts energy levels, helps with your ability to fall asleep, helps manage stress, and fights anxiety and depression. As said, it is in a teenager’s best interest to get moving! Put down the electronics and head to your local gym! The results will be incredible!

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