Fashion Week stays on New York

By: Yumna Abajebel

The New York Fashion week took place once again on February 10-15th with chic and ionic looks.

Fashion week isn’t just runway shows, there are charity events, gala dinners, and launch parties. Over 125,000 people attend New York Fashion Week.

Fashion week isn’t a place where you can just buy a ticket and go, you have to either be invited or be a designer, stylist, etc.

New York first started fashion week 1993, then started in London, Milan, and Paris. Its first ever week was held in one location, the Plaza Hotel. 53 designers showcased their fashion that year.

There were high production shows all over Brooklyn and Manhattan this year, from NYC Public Library to the Guggenheim Museum. Most of the time big couture designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel don’t participate in NYC fashion week. They only participate in Milan, London, and Paris fashion week.

This year, celebrity runway moments kicked off with Alexander Wang launching his menswear 90s street wear during fashion week. Alexander Wang is known for being the first to host a summer show.

One of this year’s runway shows had a unique theme of “Goth Fairy Beauty” after the hit Netflix show ‘Wednesday’. From big luxury brands of Tom Ford, Tory Burch, to Micheal Kors, fashion week gives people an opportunity to express their passion for fashion and modeling. Fashion week gives everyone a chance to see what designers have to offer and what they have been working on.

Stylists and makeup artists get an opportunity to style and get models ready for the runway, which for them in their career is a big deal. It also gives people a chance to create their own brands or ideas from inspiration after looking at other designs.

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