Photography facts

By: Julia Yang

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I’ve learned that not a whole lot of people know about the photography rules and history, so I’ve come to tell fun facts about it.

Did you know that when taking photos of wild animals, photographers aren’t allowed to interact with them in any way? It’s true, photographers cannot interact with the animals whatsoever. There are several reasons for this rule:

  • Reason #1. If an animal loses its fear to humankind, it could fall victim to hunters.
  • Reason #2. Depending on the animal, it could be very dangerous.
  • Reason #3. To not disturb wildlife.

The most viewed photograph in all of history is the Windows XP default wallpaper. Isn’t that crazy? Out of all the photographs ever taken, that’s the one people have seen the most. What a time to be alive.

Funny cat pictures have always been a thing. Ever since 1870, Harry Pointer was taking photos of cats. Walter Chandoha was more well known than Harry though, and his career lasted for over 70 years. Can you imagine? 70 years of just cat pictures.

Not-so-fun fun fact, the most common subject people took pictures of in the 1800’s are corpses’. It wasn’t creepy or anything then. Of course it is now, though. In the 1800’s it was a way for people to remember their deceased loved ones.

Pictures with filters or effects on them will less likely be in a family album because the pictures then wouldn’t reflect reality.

Photography is a worldwide art form, in fact, it’s the world’s most popular art form.

Photography is one of the few jobs that are not taken over by robots. Robots cannot take pictures the way that humans do, scientists haven’t found a way to do that yet.

For more facts, visit the following websites:

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