How to deal with school stress and mental health at the same time

By: Mya Olson – Williams

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As all Highland Park Senior High students know, mid-quarter grades are coming out and many are dealing with seasonal depression during this long lasting winter. There’s several assignments and projects due at this time, as well as a new formative grading policy. How do you deal with the stress and pressure of school at the same time as your own mental health?

Taken from experience, never procrastinate your work. Yes, it takes a lot of energy, and yes, it’s boring to do. Unless you work great under immense pressure, starting assignments right before they’re due will cause way more stress. Work on them in class, or set time aside to do them so you don’t have to worry about it later.

Focus on one thing at a time. For example, try to focus on what you’re doing at school while you’re there, and take care of yourself when you have downtime at home. With too much going on in your head, you can get easily overwhelmed.

Talk to someone. If you need help with school work, HPSH is full of adults willing to help you, along with parents or other mentors. Same thing goes for mental health. If you think you need help and support, don’t be afraid to reach out. Having someone there for you is always a good way to feel more secure.

One of the best things to do is take breaks. If you have the time, take some time to do the things that make you happiest. Whatever it is, relax and focus on yourself for a while. It always feels good to disconnect from the world, especially with so much going on around you.

This time of the school year can be more than stressful. Make sure you’re staying healthy and paying attention to the things needed to be done at school. It can be very very hard, but don’t forget to learn about all the resources that are available to you!

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