Who I would cast for the upcoming movie: ‘It Ends With Us’

By: Mya Olson – Williams

(Image credit: today.com)

Image taken from: today.com

As many book lovers know, an announcement was recently made about the cast list for the film adaption of Colleen Hoover’s popular novel, ‘It Ends With Us’. It’s caused lots of controversy and received much criticism. Casted as the main characters, Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid, are Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni. Although both are great actors, here’s who I would cast for the main roles, as well as the others.

Image taken from: https://stealherstyle.net

Lily Bloom – Elle Fanning

Lily Bloom has an innocent, sweet, and delicate character. Elle Fanning shows that in her appearance and voice. Lily is a natural redhead and also quite young in the book. Elle is extremely close in age, just one year older. If the actress playing Lily was older, that could change people’s perception of the plot and character development. Elle also looks amazing with red hair, so much so that it looks very natural. Although Blake pulls off the new hair color, you can tell that it’s dyed.

Ryle Kincaid – Theo James

Image taken from: Wikipedia

In the novel, Ryle comes off as this intimidating, powerful, and uptight guy. Theo James has a defined resting face that can almost give you chills. He has a soft and sweet smile, but also a straight face that makes me a little bit uneasy. That’s how I imagine Ryle to be, someone with deceiving looks. I bet Justin Baldoni can totally play his character, but he looks super sweet and gentle, somewhat unlike Ryle.

Image taken from: Pinterest

Atlas Corrigan – Dylan Minnette

Atlas Corrigan is the definition of a gentleman. He cares about his loved ones very much, and protects them with everything he can. Dylan usually plays sweet and innocent characters in movies and TV shows, which is why I think he’d fit Atlas’ character perfectly. He’s really good at wearing his heart on his sleeve while acting, and that’s one of the most important things needed from the actor who plays Atlas.

Image taken from: The Movie Database

Allysa – Sarah Hyland

Allysa is your stereotypical fun, outgoing, gossip loving, supportive best friend. She’s always encouraging Lily to do what’s best for herself and have fun at the same time. I wanted to find an actress who resembles my vision of what Allysa looks like in my head, and she is exactly that. Sarah Hyland looks just like she’s fun and confident, like Allysa.

Marshal – Joel Courtney

Image taken from: PopBuzz

Marshal is super funny and sweet. He’s the guy who makes you laugh when you need it after a rough chapter in the book. Joel Courtney is the exact same way in the movie ‘The Kissing Booth’. He plays a great friend and a fun, loving guy, which I think is absolutely perfect for Marshal’s character.

Although I’m sure everyone casted for this movie was chosen for a reason, these are who I imagine as a cast for the main characters. I can’t wait for the real cast list to come out, and see if the movie does justice to the book!

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