Takis vs. Hot Cheetos

By: Manny Ochoa-Reeve

Image taken from: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/

If you ask any students at the school you will most likely see that everyone likes some sort of spicy chips. The two main competitors are Hot Cheetos and Takis. Hot Cheetos are a puffy, crunchy, spicy chip. Takis are Mexican rolled tortilla chips with spicy lime powder. Personally, I love both.

If I had to pick between hot Cheetos and Takis I would definitely choose Hot Cheetos. I really like Hot Cheetos because of the texture you get through the crunchiness. I also really like the thick powder of Takis that packs a lot of flavor. For me, both are really good but Cheetos takes the win.

Something really cool about Cheetos is there’s lots of different flavor options. Around the world there are lots of different Cheetos flavors, for example: ketchup, pizza, extra hot, peanut, and a lot more. Takis have a couple flavor options like fajitas and guacamole but that’s about it. Cheetos have lots of different flavors so that it doesn’t get boring.

I asked two students here at Highland if they like Hot Cheetos or Takis better and they had different answers.

The first student said Hot Cheetos are better because Takis get bland and Hot Cheetos have more powder on them. T

he second student said they like Takis better because of the spicy, limey flavor.

If you ask everybody which one’s better, then you’ll see there will be different responses because the two chips are very different.

One of the biggest parts of evaluating these chips is the spice. I feel like Takis give you the spice right away, as soon as you take your first bite. Hot Cheetos are the opposite: they get spicier over time and as you eat them. This definitely depends on your spice tolerance.

Hot Cheetos and Takis both have a lot of similarities and differences. If you’re looking for something with more spice, and less texture, you should go for Takis. If you’re looking for something with more powder, and more texture, then Hot Cheetos are for you. Both taste really good, and I am always craving one or the other because of their differences and similarities.

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