Lake and Irving restaurant review

By: Gabe Kleiber

Lake and Irving is an American style restaurant located, unsurprisingly, on Lake Street and Irving Avenue. My family and I recently went there for dinner; here are some of my favorite things we got.

While it may be an “American” restaurant, it certainly doesn’t stay in those boundaries. The first dish I had was the poke nachos with wonton chips, ahi tuna, garlic aioli, and jalapenos for spice. The wontons were cooked nicely. They had plenty of crunch, and were light and airy. The aioli fits the other ingredients perfectly, and is the biggest source of flavor in the dish. Overall, it is a great Asian spin on a beloved Mexican Dish.

Next we had the Luxe burger, which has beef, cheese, black truffle, foie gras butter, aioli, and a brioche bun. While that may sound complicated, in actuality it is just a cheeseburger. It was amazingly juicy, extremely rich, and is one of my favorite burgers ever. Even though it had a simple concept, the ingredients and execution was complex and incredible. Probably my favorite dish I tried.

Another entree we got was the buttermilk chicken sandwich. It has bacon, chicken, cheese, aioli, and is served on grilled sourdough.
This wasn’t as good as the burger, but still quite good. By far the most interesting thing about it was the sriracha aioli, which I have never seen on a chicken sandwich before but worked quite well. Definitely an underrated way of adding spice and flavor to a sandwich.

Overall, I really enjoyed this dinner. There were some things I wouldn’t get again, and some that were merely good, but their best dishes more than made up for that, especially the burger and the poke nachos. This was the best meal I’ve had in weeks, and I would highly recommend you try it. 8.5/10

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