How does education affect the economy?

By: Caelyn Hippen

Does education affect the economy?

Does the amount of homework we get every night affect how well we do?

What determines the success of an education program?

These are questions you may ask yourself about your education, and the economy of the city, state, country, and world you live in.

Research states that education boosts and raises productivity. Education also stimulates productivity. I think that education can either make or break someone. It could impact an individual by making them more independent, help them have better time management, and help them have more drive and motivation towards their goals.

But, it could also break someone. Education, especially during a global pandemic, can cause anxiety, and lots of stress. The amount of concentration and focus class and homework combined require is already a lot, but then to have the social pressures of high school is insane.

In my head, the economy impacts education as much as education impacts the economy. If the economy is bad and there isn’t much money to spend on education, chances are the education system won’t be as good as a school in a city with a good economy and more money to spend on education.

An interesting thing I learned about education while researching is that levels of education vary around the world as a result of the countries varying development priorities. For example, if you lived in a country where farming is very important, chances are you will learn lots about agriculture and the environment. Whereas, if someone else lives in an industrialized city/state, they may learn more about large company things such as finance and building businesses.

I also learned that the culture and history of a country can play a huge part in what schooling means to them.

These are some of the ways that education can affect and impact the economy.

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