Why more people should go to therapy

By: Mila Hart

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Everyone in the world has troubles in their life. Some people’s troubles may be much more severe than others, but that doesn’t change the fact that pretty much everyone is struggling with some sort of conflict or unwanted feelings and emotions.

I know it might seem pretty weird, making appointments to dish your struggles to a stranger, but you may find that you will often leave your appointment feeling much better than you did when you came in and with some potential solutions to your problems.

Therapists are professionals that are trained to provide mental and emotional treatment and rehabilitation. They can help people through many many things. People go to therapy for guidance through some very personal and painful experiences. They can help people overcome depression, live with loss, guide them through grief, work through anxieties, and many other things.

But therapy isn’t just for dealing with some big painful thing that has happened to someone. It is also used to help people in their day to day lives. By helping and encouraging people to understand their thoughts, moods, and behaviors, therapy can make the biggest positive difference in how people live their day to day lives.

Seeking and going to therapy is not as taboo as it once was. The American Psychological Association collected data that showed that nearly half of American households have had someone seek mental health treatment this year. Russ Newman, PhD, JD, and the American Psychological Association’s executive director for professional practice said that “We’ve made progress in people’s attitudes toward getting mental health treatment or seeking it for their loved ones, but cost, lack of insurance and access still can be barriers for people in getting the help they need.”

Unfortunately, the cost of therapy stands in the way of many people getting the help they need. Many people believe that health insurance should cover mental health services and that access to mental health services is extremely important.

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