Different types of college degrees

By: Salman Said

College degrees, or undergraduate/graduate degrees, come in many different forms. You can obtain many different degrees from different institutions locally, and out of state. Each degree provides a special value and depending on what field you choose, a degree may be very important. 

When people hear the words “college degree” they think of an undergraduate degree, specifically a Bachelor’s Degree. A Bachelor’s Degree is a 4-year undergraduate degree that introduces you to your major and career. This is usually the entry-point degree for most fields, and many jobs require one.

A Bachelor’s Degree requires, roughly, 120 credits and consists of 40 classes. Most of these classes are general classes or liberal arts classes. These classes are prerequisites for the degree and designed to cultivate an “all-around” student. There are many different types of Bachelor’s Degrees, some of the most popular are: Bachelor of Art (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). These degrees are broad and include a wide variety of jobs and fields. 

Master’s Degrees are a little different. These degrees are much harder to obtain than a Bachelor’s and you generally need a Bachelor’s degree in order to obtain a Master’s. Master’s Degrees are more field-specific and have unique requirements in obtaining a Master’s. Master’s programs blend fieldwork, project, research, etc. Many go back to school for their Master’s in order to make more money, get better jobs, or are required to have one in their specific field. Master’s programs typically last 2 years but can be completed in 12 months. Popular Master’s Degrees are: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Education (M.Ed.), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Master of Law (LL.M.), Master of Public Administration (MPA), and Master of Science (MS). 

Doctoral Degrees are the highest level of formal education available, and require the most extensive coursework, comprehensive exams, and in-depth research requirements. This degree is the postliminary to the Master’s and generally takes 2 to 10 years to complete. Some take longer than others due to the nature of the research and completion of the dissertation. Many institutions require a Ph.D. to teach at higher education institutions and Ph.D.’s generally make the most money out of all the degrees. Popular Doctorate Degrees are: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Doctor of Medicine (MD), and Juris Doctor (JD) (doctor of law). 

There are many more degrees like an Associates Degree, Professional Degree, etc. These degrees vary prerequisites and time and each degree has specific values. Depending on the field you’re pursuing, learning and getting familiar with each degree and field requirement is important.

‘A Madea Homecoming’

By: Samera Adam

Image taken from: https://www.imdb.com/title/

‘A Madea Homecoming’ is a 2022 comedy film produced by Tyler Perry, who also plays the role of the main character.

The movie starts off with a barbecue that takes place in Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Brown is in charge on the grill where he is seen putting a lot of gasoline in. After being warned, he then accidentally sets himself on fire.

While the majority of the backyard was on fire, everybody else was too busy preparing for Tim’s graduation.

Madea, the main character, is done putting up with the family drama and nonsense and now speaks up. She will not let the family members ruin her great grandson’s grad party. 

Tim is on his way to Madea’s house where he and his friend Davi have a big announcement to make.

As the movie goes on more and more family members start showing up.

Laura and Silvia eventually come. Laura is Tim’s mother, while Silvia is the friend/lawyer of Laura’s divorce.

Tim wants his father to be at his graduation party. Laura then puts her feelings aside for her son even though Richard, Tim’s father, left her with no money. The whole family thinks that he should not be invited.

Later that night, Agnes tries to surprise her nephew, Davi, at Madea’s house. Agnes is the aunt who took Davi in after both of his parents had passed away.

When arriving at Madea’s house, Cara, Laura’s sister, is there to open the door. Agnes then does a “Wakanda forever” gesture and gets the door slammed in her face.

After Cara comes back to give her a second try, Agnes walks into the house uninvited. 

Agnes then makes a joke about Madea’s size. Madea then grabs her by her scarf, lifts her up and starts threatening her. When she notices everyone is silently staring at her, Agnes says “Why do you all look like you have your knickers in a bunch?”

Everybody is silently thinking “knickers” referred to the N-word with the hard “er” at the end, but later she explained it meant underwear.

Later on, Laura and Agnes are washing dishes. Agnes reveals that Davi is retiring to Ireland to take over the family’s farm. 

Madea’s family thinks that that’s a waste of his talent. He just finished law school and is in debt but instead he wants to fly across the world and not use his degree. 

Though this movie was supposed to be a comedy, it wasn’t that funny. I would give it a solid 3 out of 5. You can watch it on Netflix.