Mental effects of social media on teens

By: Aisha Dirie

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Even though social media is a fairly new thing, it has increased in popularity over the years with many marketing techniques. Social media has many benefits, like keeping in touch with relatives, having quick access to people’s profiles, etc.

But there are many long term effects of it too. Excessive social media usage can lead to mental disorders like anxiety and depression, it can harm relationships, etc. We’ll dig into some of these mental, and emotional affects of social media within teenagers. 

Social media has been proved to increase anxiety and depression within teens. According to the Mayo Clinic, using social media more than three times a day can predict poor mental health and well being in teens.

Social media can sometimes provide an escape, as well as change how you perceive others. It makes others lives seem perfect. FOMO (fear of missing out) is also common for teens while using social media excessively.

Social media also disrupts sleeping patterns, unhealthy sleeping habits can lead to poor performance in school, depression, anxiety, loss of interest in daily activities, poor hygiene, etc.

Over usage of social media can lead to feeling envious, imperfect, useless, etc. Excessive use of social media can lead to all these things that can eventually affect you in the long run.

Regulating or supervising social media at specific times during the day is the best way to fight these bad habits. Social media can affect the external feelings, but also internal feelings and functions we have. It can affect your brain’s decision making and logical thinking aspect as well.

All of these, with countless studies, have shown to disturb teens in an amount of ways physically, mentally, and emotionally. Little usage along with close supervision of social media can help promote responsible behavior and overall better mental health.

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