Are Christmas cards becoming less popular?

By: Jimmy Somerville

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I’m asking the question today, are Christmas cards becoming less popular? More specifically, the type of Christmas card I put an image of above, where you and your family select photos of your family together, and maybe some other pictures of the family children.

Some Christmas photos also give a quick explanation of said family, and most Christmas cards share the age of each of their children if they have any. Also, most family Christmas cards have a small phrase that usually goes with the Christmas theme such as the one above; “Simple Moments Bring Great Joy.” Christmas cards are also sent through the mail and arrive at your front door in envelopes usually.

As I’ve noticed through the last couple of years though, I feel like I haven’t seen as many Christmas cards around the house which, weirdly, greatly satisfied me; I enjoyed them. I liked reading and looking at them, and it’s funny because half the families I see, have no idea who they are. So, I’m basically just learning about new families that my parents know.

Now, to answer my question, are Christmas cards becoming less popular? I’d say yes, as you can already update your friends, on your life, on social media, and they can also update your families and other families on their lives on social media.

Christmas cards were used to update your old friends and family, as social media wasn’t always around. This was a good way to see your friends and family at least once every year. You get to see how big, how tall, how old, and how different your friends and family look by looking at the Christmas cards.

When you are following your friends on social media, you are already updated on their lives pretty much every day, so this sort of defeats the purpose of a Christmas card, but I think we should still use them for the tradition.

I couldn’t find any statistics of if Christmas cards were becoming less popular, but I did find an article, in the Chicago Tribune, asking the question “Are Christmas Cards a thing of the past?” It seems as if they were answering with “yes” to this question.

I say Christmas cards should still be just as popular as they always have, as I believe it is a great and fun tradition.

-Jimmy Somerville
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