Top rappers heading into 2021‼

By: Khadar Greer

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10. Megan Pete aka Megan Thee Stallion: Born in 1995, from Houston Texas.

She has been doing great in the rap industry going back, to back, to back, on the charts multiple times this year, including the Billboard Top 200, with the song “Savage, WAP” going number 1.

She’s had a lot more songs, and she’s having a fantastic year so far with the amount of views she’s having on YouTube, averaging 30 mil every month, or more.

9. Tione Merritt aka Lil TJay: Is only 18, but is reaching the charts and working with great rappers such as: Polo G Pop Smoke, A Boogie with da Hoodie, and many more artists.

He has been doing fabulous on the charts with songs “FN, Brothers,” and more fire songs. The craziest thing is, he’s come from a rough environment, coming from Brooklyn, New York.

8. Herbert Wright III aka G Herbo: The 25-year-old came from the South Side of Chicago and had an album called ‘PTSD’ that ended up on the charts at #15.

7. Dayvon aka King Von Bennett: The 26-year-old came from the most dangerous place in Chicago called “OBLOCK” and has only been rapping for 2 years. He has 2 albums that were platinum, but was sadly was killed November 6th. He had a really bright future.

6. Jonathan Kirk aka Dababy: A 28-year-old from North Carolina.

He is best known for his successful debut studio album ‘Baby on Baby.’ In 2020, he went 3-for-3 on the Billboard Top 100.

5. Derrick Banks aka Lil Durk: The 28-year-old grew up in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side.

The rapper/singer started issuing mixtapes through his collective OTF (Only the Family), and then suddenly became a hit maker. “Laugh now cry later,” “All love,” and much more. Can’t wait for more songs.

4. Dominique Jones Lil Baby: The 25-year-old was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

He rose to attention and acclaim in 2017. He is known for the albums: ‘My turn,’ ‘Harder than Ever,’ and most importantly, ‘Drip Harder’.

3. Symere Woods aka Lil Uzi Vert: The 26-year-old was born in North Philadelphia.

He is best known for his albums ‘Eternal Atake,’ ‘Lil Uzi Versus the World,’ and ‘Lil Uzi Versus the World Two’ with a tribute to the late great Kobe Bryant on that album.

2. Taurus Bartlett aka Polo: The 21-year-old was born on the North Side of Chicago.

His earliest songs appeared online in 2017, but it wasn’t until his first hot song, “Finer Things” that the rapper began to really go superstar status. The albums, ‘The Goat’ and ‘Die A Legend’ were huge successes.

1. Kentrell Gaulden aka NBA Youngboy: He was born in 1999 and grew up in the toughest city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In 2016, his first hit song ‘Outside Today’ went viral, and he instantly became a superstar with having 5 albums hit Billboard’s Top 100 in 1 year.

Can’t wait for more fire music!

Magnetar formed a dying star

By Olivia Kendle

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Magnetars are neutron stars that form into magnetars themselves. Neutron stars are created when a huge star emits nuclear fuel and explodes, which is then a supernova. The outside layers are released and the very dense core is left which is called the neutron star.

Most cores measure around 14 miles across but weigh more than the Sun because of its density. 90% of the time, those neutron stars are what are called “pulsars,” which spin at a very high rate and shoot off jets of radiation. Only around 10% of those neutron stars turn into magnetars.

Magnetars are surrounded by magnetic fields that are way more stronger than Earth’s magnets,
and they are so magnetic that they could break away at the appropriate atomic level, to any traveler too close.

So far, there have been 29 magnetars discovered in the Milky Way.

Scientists and astronomers have found that magnetars are the main source of FRBs. These blasts of radio wave energy are shot out in less than a millisecond. Astronomers have been confused about magnetars producing FRBs for years, since 2007.

FRB stands for: Fast Radio Burst. Astronomers guess that the FRBs release the same amount of energy as the Sun does in 3 days. FRBs are a short radio pulse of length that is estimated to be a fraction of a millisecond, to a few milliseconds, fast. They are caused by a high-energy astrophysical process that is still a mystery to astronomers.

In April of 2020, astronomers detected, and discovered, with several media telescopes, a magnetar releasing FRBs by the center of the Milky Way. The magnetar was named SGR 1935+2154.

Some FRB rays were too far away from the Milky Way to find the FRB source, but this magnetar was close enough that astronomers were able to track its activity.

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