Charities on COVID frontiers

By Olivia Kendle

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Many charities and organizations are helping with gathering resources for the front line workers, while the government struggles to manage tests and keep COVID steady and at bay.

Donating important supplies, and helping people in need in these times, takes a lot of work off the government’s hands, so they can focus on the COVID and death rates and come up with a successful plan. Here are some of those companies.

  • The very iconic Red Cross, which helps with donation of blood made by volunteers from the area.
  • Oxfam America, which works to help give clean water and supplies to refugees or other vulnerable people.
  • A very important one, Doctors Without Borders, which helps countries that are affected the most by COVID. They establish safety and contamination controls which have helped over 70 countries over the world.
  • The World Health Organization, which helps people with COVID, and also tries to control its spread across the world.
  • And finally, Feeding America, which has made a fund in response to COVID-19 to provide food, for those in need, especially for children who relied on school for food.

There are many more charities and organizations that are also doing their part during this time but these are some of the larger and well-known ones.

There are also some stores that are helping people in need. For example, Walgreens is a very popular place that many people go to for help or supplies. Some others are: Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Target, and Kroger, which are only a few out of the many stores that provide time, especially for seniors.

Other small companies provide resources like masks, or food, or even medicine, and you are also available to donate to them. Some companies like, Perfect Strangers, donate medicine and foods, and even clothing brands, like Paradised, donate masks and protective medical supplies to hospitals or the community.

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