Local shopping

By: Lizzy Woxland and Anna Hisle

With the holiday season now in full swing, it is the biggest shopping season of the year.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to give some attention to, and consider, shopping at small businesses this year. It’s no secret that COVID-19 has impacted our country’s small businesses drastically.

From trying to manage new COVID restrictions, to dealing with a lack of business throughout the pandemic, small businesses are in need of attention.

Whether you’re shopping in person or online, here is a list of some small businesses located in the Twin Cities.

I Like You

I Like You has store locations in both Minneapolis and St. Paul and showcases local artists. Collaborating with over 200 artists, I Like You has something for everyone. Their stores are currently open in person and online (https://i-like-you-minneapolis.myshopify.com/).

Image taken from: https://m.facebook.com/Beautiful-Small-Businesses-Twin-Cities-216550541802014/

Minnesota Makers​ ​

If you like art, this is a great shop for you! Minnesota Makers has a couple of store locations, with one in Minneapolis and one in Excelsior. This business has art from over 120 Minnesota artists. They sell soaps, home decor, paintings, ceramics, and so much more. This shop has great gifts and such a variety, you can find something for everyone (https://minnesota-makers.square.site).

Minnesota Nice Gifts

The online shop, Minnesota Nice Gifts, makes themed gift boxes for all occasions. These boxes contain products created by local artisans including Minnesota Nice Spice. This business’s proceeds go to a local non-profit organization for artists with disabilities (https://www.nicegifts.shop).

Arlee Park

Arlee Park is a second hand store, located in Minneapolis, run by twin sisters Ashley and Jamie. Arlee is great for vintage and secondhand lovers. Secondhand shopping is not only better for the environment but also a great way to see a variety of things in one place. Arlee Park is open in person and online (https://arleepark.com/).

Electric Fetus
Electric Fetus is a record shop with two locations; one in Minneapolis and one in Duluth. Not only does this shop sell records but also unique gifts which are perfect for the holidays (https://electricfetus.com).


Awakenings is a gift and guidance store, located in South Minneapolis, and has a variety of gifts that can fit anyone’s wishes. Our personal favorites from their shop are their candles and crystals. Awakenings is now open both in person and online as well (https://www.awakeningsmn.com/).


If you’re looking to get crafty this year, Artscraps is the way to go. Artscraps is a non-profit arts organization that sells original art from local artists and sells reused art supplies. Not only is this store eco friendly, but it helps provide arts education for both adults and children. Artscraps is open both in person and online (https://www.artstart.org/).

Mother Plants

If you, or anyone you know, is looking to get more plants, this is the perfect store. Located in Minneapolis, this store has everything from plants to home accessories. You could find the perfect gift here. This plant shop has cacti, large plants, as well as tropical plants. The plants located here are brought in by collectors and growers from the Twin Cities. Not only are there plants, but there is a large variety of pots, and sustainable accessories, and home goods (https://mother-plants.com/plants).


Mischief is a toy store for all ages and all types of people. With cool games, candy, drinks, toys, books, crafts, accessories, and other random finds, Mischief is a store for everyone. Our favorite things from Mischief are their super cool pins and their selection of Japanese candy and drinks. A very quirky store with lots of good finds. We are sure you can find a great gift for anyone (http://www.mischieftoy.com/).

Now that you know about all these small businesses and shops, go check them out! You can find the perfect gift for anyone from any of these shops.

Stay safe and warm during this holiday season.

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