Reactions to the death of RBG

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG), a member of the Supreme Court died September 18, 2020, of complications from metastatic cancer. On hearing of her death, in front of reporters, President Trump said that “She was an amazing woman whether you agree or not she was an amazing woman who led an amazing life.” 

Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, also had something to say, “That people should focus on the loss of the Justice and her enduring legacy.” 

Later, in a statement, Obama, mourning Ginsburg, said, “Over a long career on both sides of the bench — as a relentless litigator and an incisive jurist — Justice Ginsburg helped us see that discrimination on the basis of sex isn’t about an abstract ideal of equality; that it doesn’t only harm women; that it has real consequences for all of us. It’s about who we are and who we can be.” 

RBG spent most of her life fighting for women’s rights. She was appointed in 1993, by President Bill Clinton. During her time on the Supreme Court, she has fought for abortion rights, same-sex marriage, voting rights, immigration, and health care. Days before her death, she said to her granddaughter Clara Spera, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” 

Due to her death, much is at stake. Mitch McConnell, Trump, and Republicans are determined to replace Ginsburg with a conservative justice, even though Mitch mcConnell himself, in 2016, when Obama tried to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, said, “Given that we are in the midst of the presidential election process, we believe that the American people should seize the opportunity to weigh in on whom they trust to nominate the next person for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. It is today the American people, rather than a lame-duck president whose priorities and policies they just rejected in the most-recent national election, who should be afforded the opportunity to replace Justice Scalia.”

Why should you care? With a conservative judge, your abortion rights, same-sex marriage rights, voting rights, immigration rights, and the right to health care are at stake. 

Replacing Ginsburg with a conservative judge would also shift the ideological balance of the court; that would mean the Supreme Court would operate with a 6-3 conservative majority, rather than a 5-4 conservative majority.

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