Nike Training Club app review

By: Joxery Mezen Camacho

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At the beginning of the quarantine I was looking for a way to stay active since all of my activities had been either canceled or postponed. I luckily found the Nike Training Club app. 

This app has video workouts that you can follow. These videos have a person demonstrating the workout along with a voice over giving directions and tips on how to improve your form. This voice over also gives encouraging words from time to time to help you stay motivated as you listen to music. 

The app works best with the Apple Music app because it allows you to listen to your music right in the app as you workout. 

There is a “browse” section where the app divides their workouts into 8 different sections: Muscle Group, Workout Focus, Equipment, Trainer-Led classes, Whiteboard Workouts, Short Workouts, Athlete Workouts, and All Workouts. I believe this is great because there are options for everyone! This especially helped me be consistent with working out, since I have tried many different workouts after getting bored of the one I had been doing. 

There is also the Nike Training Club Premium which is free to all Nike members. It includes expert tips, different programs, and workouts which are led and given by Nike Master Trainers.  

In the section called “Expert Tips”, there are different groups which include sections for training, nutrition, recovery, mindset, and sleep. 

There is also a “For You” section that personalizes the workouts and nutrition plans suggested based on your goals and current interests. 

I especially enjoy the achievements you can get. You can get trophies, milestones, workouts in a week, and streaks. These can help motivate you to keep pushing yourself and be consistent with your workouts. 

With all that the Nike Training Club app includes, while still being free, I am compelled to give this app a 5/5 and encourage you to give it a try!