Healthy habits

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There are lots of things you can do to make sure school goes smoothly. You have to develop good habits that are helpful to your body and mind. If you continue to work hard and stay healthy you’ll be great! Making good decisions and preserving a healthy lifestyle is always good.

Now, the first thing you can do is drink lots of water. You have to have at least 64oz. Which is crazy, but it’s really good for you. Water is a great way to drain your body of unhealthy bacteria and keep your body ready for action. 

Eating healthy is pretty obvious. Avoid fatty foods and junk food because they don’t help your body. You should try to plan your meal instead of just throwing something together. 

Skipping a meal doesn’t help either. Don’t skip breakfast!! Breakfast is a great way to start your day. It boosts your metabolism and helps you not overeat during the rest of the day. Make something quick like a cereal bar or just a bowl of delicious cereal. 

Studying? Finishing homework? Make sure to take breaks! Work for as long as you can and once you feel antsy just walk around a little, do some lunges or stretch. Don’t go for another glass of coffee, move around. 

Is 11 o’clock too late? No, one more hour is fine. Not!! You need to sleep. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night is something to aim for. We all know math takes more than 10 minutes to finish most nights but you should try to go for it. Sleeping for a reasonable amount of time is 100% necessary. It puts you in a better mood 

Working on assignments at a decent hour is important too. You should strive to do it all once you get home, or while you’re eating a snack, or in free time in any of your classes. Just make sure your grades reflect your best work while keeping you in a good and healthy space. 

If you stay on a good schedule, and have a positive attitude, you will surely make it through high school happily. Stay positive!

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